How is the running system diagnosed?


Spare parts in the car are not eternal, that's why eachthe part in the car has its service life. And the more we operate the vehicle, the more often we need to check it for problems and, if possible, eliminate them. As for the service, such as the diagnostics of the running system, it must be manufactured every 10 thousand kilometers, regardless of the type and prestige of your iron friend.

Running diagnostics

Diagnostic part of the car (in our casethis suspension) not only performs the function of comfortable movement, but also directly affects the safety of driving, assuming enormous loads during the movement. It is also important to remember, if your iron friend began to squeak more and knock around the bridges, and the tire protector is simply eaten, you know, it's time to turn to STO. And it does not matter when the last diagnosis of the running car was made - 5 or 9.5 thousand kilometers ago. A breakdown can occur at any time, and ignoring it can lead to serious consequences.

Many car owners often identify the breakdown themselves. Self-diagnosis of the running gear will definitely not harm your iron friend, but on one condition - if you have experience in such a case and are 100 percent sure of their actions. If you do not want to waste your time trying to identify breakdowns or are afraid of harming the machine, ask for help from specialists. In the service center or a workshop you will be provided with a full range of services with the use of special technical and computer equipment. So the qualitative diagnostics of running is made. In this case, the service employee can accurately identify the fault and create a special defect sheet, which will list the necessary work to eliminate the damage.

running price diagnostics

With regard to machines age 8 and more years, theirDiagnosis of running is carried out under a special program. The entire process, starting with the identification of problems ending with the replacement of the necessary parts, is made in accordance with all requirements and recommendations of the automaker. In addition, many services use a special program for diagnosis, which allows you to identify a malfunction in minutes. Thus, on SRT you maximally save your personal time.

In any case, contacting the service center givesyou 100% guarantee that repair and diagnostics of running will be carried out qualitatively. By trusting your iron friend with the hands of experts, you will no longer be afraid for the security of the next 10 thousand kilometers.

Running Diagnostics - Price

The price range for each service is different, especially it is noticeable in the cities (in Moscow this service obviously costs more than, for example, in Lipetsk).

diagnostics of the running car
So, the average price for car diagnosticsis about 700 rubles. In order to change the ball joint, you have to lay out a little less than a thousand rubles. Collapse-convergence is made without fail, even if the system has not detected any breakdowns. There is such a service around 1100-1400 rubles. The most expensive is the replacement of the hub - for it will have to pay at least 1800 rubles.

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