Chevrolet Niva. Engine tuning and styling


Cars from the Volga Automobile Plant all the timeare criticized by our drivers. And dissatisfaction is expressed in everything: a weak engine, an unfinished interior, an outdated design ... Even such a successful American-Russian project, like Chevrolet Niva, was not deprived of attention. However, car owners are not particularly discouraged and do not sit idly by, but constantly refine their iron horses by tuning. It is thanks to this process that you can turn all the disadvantages of an SUV into advantages. In this article we will consider several ways to refine the car "Chevrolet Niva".

Chevrolet Niva tuning

Engine tuning

At one sight only on 80-strong petrolmotor with a working volume of 1.7 liters options for its refinement fall away. Of course, you can simply change the engine to the unit with the "Pajero" or even some imported SUV. At the same time, it is important to remember that ICE, for example from Mitsubishi, will work only with the Japanese checkpoint, and it is necessary that it corresponds to the brand of the car. That is, the "Padzherovsky" motor will work only with the "Padzher" transmission. As for the timing, here, too, it's not so simple. Yes, it is quite possible that it will be possible to replace the engine in one day, but it is necessary to prescribe it in the vehicle's technical passport for at least a week, otherwise it will be fine. And in traffic police for you will remove a considerable sum of money. Therefore, it is best to make a car unlimited.

Chevrolet Field Engine Tuning

You can go the other way by resorting to suchoperations like chip tuning. "Niva Chevrolet" in this case is subject to firmware of the electronic control unit, and the standard power unit is not extracted and does not change. But tuning this unit and other works will cost you a pretty penny, so the only way out of this situation is to replace the engine with the box.

chip tuning niva chevrolet

Chevrolet Niva: tuning of the exterior

After finalizing the technical part, you can safelyto start styling. Here it is necessary to take care of the installation of such auto parts as body kit and bumper. By the way, for those who do not want to change the impact elements, there are special pads - also very useful thing. With toning should be very accurate - it is important that the light transmission of the film does not exceed GOST standards. Another important detail in styling is an additional percussion element - the so-called kangaroo, or kangaroo. At the moment there are several copies of this kind, intended specifically for the SUV "Chevrolet Niva". Tuning with the use of kangaroo will significantly increase the resistance of the car to various accidents. Particularly relevant is such a spare part for off-road lovers, because after hitting a tree you will have to shell out more than one thousand dollars to rebuild the car. With kenguryatnikom this does not happen - it reliably protects the car from blows and also gives it a more impressive and aggressive look. With regard to the installation of rear-view mirrors for SUV "Chevrolet", it is best to give preference to parts without LED repeaters. They cost several times cheaper, and on the roads for their safety you do not have to worry.

Chevrolet Niva tuning

So, if there is such an opportunity, do not spare the time and energy to transform the car "Chevrolet Niva": tuning will make your car original and unrecognizable!

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