UAZ Patriot - the new Russian SUV


UAZ, specializing in the production of SUVs,not so long ago began to produce a new model - UAZ Patriot. The first car came off the assembly line in 2005. From the previous UAZ3162, it is fundamentally different in appearance. This car has a much more modern, streamlined shape.

UAZ Patriot new
UAZ Patriot - a new SUV - hasperformance characteristics, in no way inferior to previous models. In addition, this car emphasizes comfort for the driver and passengers. All wheels in it can be leading, so the car is distinguished by increased cross-country ability.

Let's consider some basic technical characteristics of UAZ Patriot more:

Wheel formula

4 x 4


5 - 9


about 2m


4 m 70 cm


2 m


2650 kg


5 steps, mechanical



Lifting capacity






Working volume

2,5 l

2.3 l

Speed ​​(maximum)

140 km / h

136 km / h


128 l / s (94 kW)

113.5 l / s (83.5 kW)

fuel consumption uaz patriot
To control the motor, a controller"Mix 11", which, among other things, can control the misfiring. The transmission is made by the South Korean company Dimos. All Patriot models are equipped with a vacuum amplifier and a main brake filter produced by Tevez Continental. UAZ Patriot (new off-road vehicle) is equipped with an anti-lock system manufactured by Bosch.

The car salon is designed for 5 seats. In addition, in the trunk can be additionally installed 4 more seats. The rear seats are folded in two positions. This allows you to transport loads of different volume and shape. Interior trim, seats and all other details of the interior are made in the same style. Therefore, UAZ Patriot, a new car of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, as well as outside, inside looks very modern.

Depending on which road and with whichspeed it will move, the car will require a certain amount of fuel. When driving less than 90 km / h per 100 km, approximately 10.8 liters of gasoline will be spent. The fuel consumption of UAZ Patriot during the movement from 90 to 140 km / h can be 12-14 liters.

technical characteristics of the patriot
Despite the fact that this model is mainlyis designed for off-road driving, this SUV is excellent for coping with movement in urban conditions. In the city, it is characterized by sufficient maneuverability and driving convenience. As already mentioned above, UAZ Patriot, a new off-road vehicle, is almost inferior in crossability to the previous models of this brand. The quality of this performance indicator has been slightly reduced only because of a small number of hinged decorative elements.

UAZ Patriot can be an excellent choice forEveryone who often has to travel on bad roads. It is also perfect for those who love the convenience and comfort of movement, as well as those who are not indifferent to the stylish design of the car. This machine will perfectly cope with such adverse factors on the road as snow, mud, water, etc. On the new UAZ, you can go to nature together with family or friends. Places are enough for all.

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