Mitsubishi Galant: reviews and features


Mitsubishi Galant is a product of MitsubishiMotors, which produces this car since 1996. Of course, from that time on the model was repeatedly redesigned and refined. For 2012, there are 9 generations of these machines, which differ from each other in appearance, engine type and assembly.

Mitsubishi Galant, the characteristics of the latest generation model 2.4 4dd.

The car is produced in the form of a five-seaterfour-door sedan length of 486.5 cm. The height of the car is 148.5 cm, and its length is 184 cm. The car's clearance is 16.5 cm. The volume of the fuel tank is 60 liters. Engine power 158 hp Accelerates the car from 0 to 100 kilometers in 11.5 seconds, while the maximum speed that it can gain is 200 km / h. For every 100 km of driving on a free highway the car will spend 7.2 liters of gasoline. For a mixed cycle, this figure will be equal to 9.5 liters, and when driving around the city - 13.5 liters.

Mitsubishi Galant: reviews

Many owners claim to be in love with thiscar at a glance. The design of the machine is male, sporty and aggressive, not so much elegant as courageous. The impression is that he is going to ride the streets, pushing other cars. As for the other advantages of this machine, there are a lot of them. One of them is the stability of Mitsubishi Galant. The testimonies testify that the car keeps the road perfectly, rides it like a glove, goes into turns without any deviations in traffic and rolls.

Mitsubishi refers to easily manageablecars. From perfectly listening to the steering wheel, the speed in the cabin is about 150-170 km / h almost not felt. The steering wheel rotates effortlessly in the Mitsubishi Galant. The reviews also show that the cabin in this car is very spacious, there is plenty of space not only in the front, but also behind, not only in width, but also in height. It can comfortably accommodate a height of 190 cm and broad-shouldered passengers. Materials that were used in the interior decoration, expensive, soft and pleasant to the touch. Many note that the interior and interior decoration is very elegant in the Mitsubishi Galant.

The owners' testimonies indicate that the carMoreover, it is very beautiful and comfortable, but also very reliable. The car without any breakages can travel a few years, even when the odometer readings are over 30 thousand km. Many note the quality automatic transmission, which switches smoothly, without jerks and jolts and does not lag. Excellent suspension - reliable and very soft, which conceals uneven roads and makes the ride more comfortable. The machine gets into trouble without problems and brakes well on a slippery road.

However, there are a number of shortcomings in the carMitsubishi Galant. The testimonies indicate that he is rather clumsy. A wide wheelbase and a small turning radius lead to the fact that in a parking lot or a small patch it unfolds with difficulty, after 2-3-fold switching to the reverse. The machine is warmed too slowly. Some drivers note the high cost of parts and low level of service. Perhaps this is due to the relative novelty of the model and its small prevalence. The car meets on the roads not so often and is quite expensive, so it is difficult to sell it if necessary, especially without a significant loss in price. However, for fans to cut on the roads on a unique car, which is not for neighbors, relatives and friends, it's more of a plus than a minus.

Mitsubishi Galant - powerful, beautiful, modern,and most importantly a reliable car, which has good roadability on Russian roads. This is one of the best models in terms of safety - already in the basic set of 8 airbags, stability control system and the ABC system. In the crash test from Euro NCAP, he received the maximum possible rating of 5 stars.

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