"Priora-Lux": a brief overview of the otchesthestvennogo car


Lada-Priora-Lux belongs to the familycars, which came to replace the well-known and popular model VAZ-2110. The famous "ten" was removed from production in 2008, and its place was taken by Lada Priora. Designers AvtoVAZ tried, so that the novelty did not repeat the mistakes of its predecessor. They significantly changed the design of the car, its engine, suspension and, of course, the chassis. In addition, the security level of the "Priora-Lux" model is significantly strengthened. Special attention was paid to this issue: the specialists conducted a series of tests on the EuroNCAP standard, the main purpose of which was to show that the modern domestic car is not inferior to the imported one from the point of view of safety.

ladies prior 2013 lux

The brainchild of the Russian car industry is represented in twoModifications: basic model and "Lux". The car "Priora Lux" is equipped with a 16-valve petrol engine in volume of 1,6 l, capacity of 98 l. from. and a five-speed manual transmission. The power unit in combination with the modified suspension provides the car smooth, smooth running. At the same time, the noise level of the motor was significantly reduced. But with the transmission of the developers left a small overlay: first, it has an unfortunate location, and secondly, there is no distinct sense of switching speeds. In addition, during movement, a strong vibration is transmitted to the handle.

As for the exterior, the body designsignificantly changed (in comparison with the "ten"), but the doors remained the same, however, the pens have completely changed. "Lada Priora Lux" is equipped with two airbags, anti-lock brakes, belt pretensioners, air conditioning and even parktronic. Designers of AvtoVAZ managed to significantly transform the interior of the car - now it is finished with exceptionally high-quality material, especially the new seats are noteworthy.

Priora deluxe

Initially Lada Priora was produced exclusivelyas a sedan, but later there were hatchbacks, and then a station wagon. The latter is interesting with its huge luggage compartment, and if you fold the rear seats, you get an even platform, suitable even for sleeping. In the trunk of the model "Priora-Lux" provides a grid for securing cargo and a new shelf, which is wound on the drum. Also cars with a station wagon are equipped with automatic headlamps and wipers on / off.

In 2013, debuted the second generationconsidered auto. The new "Lada-Priora 2013 Lux" has undergone significant changes in the interior and exterior appearance. The car had a new bumper, the navigation lights went into the block-headlights and merged with the dimensions, the front panel significantly changed.

Prior 2013 Lux photo
Salon has changed thanks to a completely newa dashboard and a multimedia system with a large display. The plastic material was replaced by a synthetic soft-onion material resembling a natural skin. In modern cars is installed the system of traffic stability, cruise control, as well as winter engine heating. Here is the "Priora-2013 Lux". The photos above will help the reader to form his opinion about this machine.

In conclusion, we emphasize once again that the new Lada Priora is a very reliable car that meets modern safety standards.

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