Chip tuning by yourself: the benefits of the process


Recently, the most popular methodChanging the car became a chip-tuning. On the territory of Italy, Germany and other European countries, people have been engaged in this kind of tuning for decades. In many large cities of the countries

chip tuning by one's own hands
Europe there is at least one atelier, the main specialization of which is to carry out this procedure.

But as for the domestic spaces, hereChip-tuning is more common with our own hands. True, there are attempts to reach a more or less professional level. The main task pursued by the chip tuning of the VAZ engine and other car brands is the change in the characteristics of the internal combustion engine.

Such transformations concern the power rotatingtorque, maximum speed, maximum speed of the crankshaft and so on. And the process of debugging is done without mechanical interventions. Experts who make chip tuning with their own hands, only affect the firmware of the special unit that controls the operation of the engine. This block is practically
a full-fledged computer with a microprocessor and memory, which ensure the execution of algorithms filled with firmware.

But sooner or later for drivers of cars with "brains" such procedure as

chip tuning engine vases
tuning the engine with their own hands becomesnecessity, because people get used to everything and want something new. The very term tuning implies an improvement, whereas chip-tuning, made by itself, involves the improvement of the program prescribed in the computer. From such changes the machine will not suffer, and if something goes wrong, you can always return the standard firmware back.

This procedure has many advantages, among which:

- fuel economy, but the car does not start to burn gasoline less, just the engine has a power reserve, allowing the driver, without changing the driving style, to depress the accelerator pedal less;

- Chip-tuning engine VAZ and other cars with a computer - this is the quickest and easiest way to "pump" the engine, compared to forcing;

- this procedure makes it possible to make driving around the city more comfortable,

engine tuning
As the car gets new traction-speed characteristics;

- tuning the engine, made or carried out in special workshops with the help of a chip, increases the chances of overtaking on highways where there is intense traffic;

- the car has the ability to move smoothly and easily even when fully loaded.

It should be noted that on the Internetthere are many articles on how to make chip-tuning own hands. Most drivers who carried out this kind of operations with their cars and their power units, claimed that they went to this step for several reasons: low car capacity, small acceleration, and low vehicle speed.

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