Fog lights: features and benefits


Currently, more and more car ownersinstall on their cars fog lights using LEDs. This is a significantly progressive step, as this technology is part of a growing energy conservation system. A good example is the universal fog lights from LEDs. They can be used in the daytime as daytime running lights. With this use, the fog lights are an additional passive safety source.

Fog lights
LED fog lights 10 timesreduce the energy consumption, and therefore increase the service life. In addition, undoubted advantages are the low level of heat emission, a significant range of colors. The reliability of such headlights is confirmed by the increased demand among buyers. The light spot has clear boundaries, therefore, under fog conditions, the light beam will travel along the road. Exactly the same direction the light flux will have under other difficult conditions, for example, rain, snowfall and so on. It should also be noted that the rear fog lamps and fog lamps can only be switched on simultaneously in only a few cases: in fog and in conditions of limited and insufficient visibility.

Fog lights using LEDshave a significant advantage in front of the xenon headlights, as they do not dazzle the oncoming drivers. In connection with all of the above, we can safely say that LED lights are universal.

LED Fog Lights

How to install the fog lights?

An important factor will be the rules of the roadMovement, in which the rules for the installation of similar headlamps are prescribed. The so-called "cars" are allowed to install only two "fog", which are equipped with reflectors of yellow or white. Such headlamps shall have a symmetrical arrangement along the longitudinal axis no further than 400 mm from the side marker lights, and shall not be located below 250 mm from the level of the roadway. In addition, the fog lamps should not prevent the spread of light from other car light sources.

Universal fog lights

The electrical circuit of the connection "fog"should be able to switch on simultaneously with the parking lights, as well as lighting license plates. No less important is the angle at which the headlight will be installed. Therefore, the installation of headlights is best entrusted to a qualified professional who will adjust the most comfortable and not conflicting traffic rules for headlights.

Nevertheless, it must be remembered that not allLEDs mounted in the bumper can be called fog lights. A lot of car enthusiasts are confused with real "fog lights" with daylight headlights, which can be installed side by side, and sometimes even instead of fog lamps. Such lights are perfectly suited to designate a machine on the roadway during the daytime, however, they are of little use in low visibility conditions.

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