What are the stroboscopes on the car, and can they be installed?


Car stroboscopes are devices thatcan quickly reproduce light flashes of different colors and frequencies. As a rule, this device is installed on the vehicles of special services to inform other participants of the traffic that an ambulance, fire or police car is passing along the road. Most often stroboscopes on the car are installed behind the radiator grille. As for the light rays, it can be different: both white, and yellow, and red. It is also worth noting that this device is used in conjunction with the SSU.

stroboscopes on the car

Recently, great popularity has gainedLED stroboscopes for cars. Their installation can significantly beautify the car, make it unique, give it personality and even aggressiveness. In addition, they can be mounted absolutely on any vehicle, whether it's a motorcycle, car, minivan or minibus. Stroboscopes on cars can become a highlight of your car. However, do not forget that in Russia there are such devices that can not be installed on ordinary cars without special permission. These are service flashing beacons. In no case should they be purchased and, moreover, mounted on a car. Otherwise, you face a considerable penalty for violation of traffic rules.

strobe for your own car

In order to stroboscopes on the car it was possibleto use legally, they must be registered, namely - to obtain permission to install them. By the way, daytime running lights can also be attributed to stroboscopes, but they are provided with a separate article in the legislation. You can install them without any permits and papers. The only thing to be observed is their location in / on the bumper and the angle of inclination.

Stroboscopes act similarly to LEDlights of daylight. The only thing that the latter can not change their color and blink with a certain periodicity. And even the functions they have the same - attracting the attention of other participants in the movement. Only stroboscopes on cars act, rather, as a boast to others, rather than as a necessary need.

LED stroboscopes for cars

At the moment, you canbuy stroboscopes on the car of any colors of the rainbow. You can find devices that shine white-yellow, red-green, white-blue, orange and many other flashes. Since in most cases motorists install them under the radiator grille (so as not to attract undue attention of traffic police), the manufacturing plant provides for special fasteners for this mechanism. Also stroboscopes on the car can be installed inside the machine. They can be hidden at any time from unnecessary eyes and installed as quickly as possible.


The price of these devices is not that big - from2 to 3.5 thousand rubles. This is even less than the cost of daytime running lights brand Hella. Probably, that's why none of the car enthusiasts decided to make a strobe for their cars. Its cost is not that big to spend a lot of time on work.

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