How to choose summer tires. Questions and answers


Two sets of tires

how to choose summer tires
Car owners almost every year facethe question of how to choose summer tires. Two sets of tires - it's reliability and good handling of the car on the road, because you can not use winter tires in the summer, and vice versa. The manufacturer guarantees the degree of reliability. The choice is not easy, your safety on the road depends on it.

How to choose summer tires: temperature mode

Summer tires are designed for use withtemperature not lower than 0 ° С, but do not rush to change the car in early spring. Tires can become oak and will slide along the track. Yes, and the possibility of morning frosts and ice crust on the road should not be ruled out. When the air temperature is already at night and will be at a positive mark, and the daylight of the thermometer will not fall below + 5 ... +10 degrees, you can safely change the wheels. In addition, that it is not worth hurrying, you do not need to delay the re-training of the car. Winter tires deteriorate at high temperatures and wear out quickly.

How to choose summer tires: tread pattern

summer tires reviews
Tread pattern in tires should choose youthemselves, since only you know where and how they will be operated. For the road use road tires, their pattern is made up of checkers and ribs, separated by narrow "grooves". For off-road, soft ground, high-cross-country tires are needed. The drawing on it is made more convex and powerful, in order to avoid deformation, special grooves are made along the edges. Universal rubber combines the characteristics of the two above together. Also it is necessary to distinguish protectors by type: directional type - low noise, improved water drainage; non-directional type - universal; asymmetric type - it combines different properties of the tires.

How to choose summer tires: load and speed index

The load index determines the maximum loadon each tire of the car. This indicator is specified in the instruction. The speed index is indicated on the rubber itself in Latin letters, as each type of tire is designed for its specific speed. The price factor directly depends on the speed index. The higher the maximum permitted speed, the higher the price of rubber.

How to choose summer tires: type and size

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In the manual for the car there are instructions for choosingsize and type of tires. It is necessary to take into account this criterion, and without the advice of specialists not to try to change it. The tire has width, height and diameter. All these indicators should correspond to the indices specified in the instruction. Otherwise, the car may become poorly controlled and other machine characteristics may change.

Which manufacturer to choose?

Now in the car market a huge numberoffers from various tire manufacturers. What to choose summer tires? Reviews are different. Owners of sports cars prefer Italian tires brand Pirelli. The brand of Nokian Tires is also popular. Summer tires "Continental", produced in Germany, are also a reliable and popular brand all over the world. Choose the rubber taking into account the characteristics of your car!

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