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The engine is the most important power unit incar. The "health" of the machine as a whole depends on it. The effective efficiency of this site is affected by a set of measures to care for it and quality of care. And in this the primary role is played by engine oil used in the engine.

oil of selenium

general review

The company-manufacturer of motor oil "Villages"works in the profile market of motor vehicles for more than half a century. The firm has earned a reputation as a reliable partner for a motorist, producing quality products of a wide range of lubricants. At the time of formation, the company worked with a bias towards the agro-technical sector. But over time, developing, expanded its activities in the field of motor oils and additives.

Oil "Villages" for the engine was one of thepriorities of the company in the field of management. This positively affected the product. With a large variety of choices in the automotive market of motor oils, the goods of the "Seleniya" concern are particularly prominent. This is due to the good quality of the lubricant, relatively low price in relation to the parameters, wide application possibilities. A big plus of the company is that the engine oil "Seleniya" is produced for both petrol and diesel engines.

engine oil of the village

Product Benefits

This engine oil has a relativelylow price in relation to other eminent brands. Concern "Villages" cares about the welfare of its potential customers, and therefore the cost of the product for the consumer consists only of the price of raw materials, packaging (packaging) and delivery to the places of sale.

There is also a favorable economic factor.Oil "Villages" at the beginning of development and release to the market was positioned as a product for professional use. And in such an environment, the demands for increased profitability always come first.

In its favor, the time for changing the oil inengine. Ordinary lubricants from other manufacturers require this in the run time of the car from seven to ten thousand kilometers. The oil of the company "Selenia" has the possibility of a longer time between fluid changes. It can be up to twenty thousand kilometers. This is confirmed by the relevant certificates that are available from the product.

Characteristics and structure of oil

The products of the company "Seleniya" have a hightechnological evaluation of the produced lubricants. The final product for the consumer is made on the basis of synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oils. What is characteristic, while using secondary processing of high-boiling oil fractions, the so-called hydrocracking method. After such a process, not only harmful compounds disappear, but also useful impurities. The company-manufacturer makes up for this by adding quality additives.

Structural oil "Villages" is very viscoussubstance. This indicator always dominates when choosing a lubricant for the engine. The universal coefficient of this parameter does not change its characteristics at high and low temperatures, which allows the unit to function smoothly in summer heat and frosty winter. Accordingly, this has a favorable effect on the "vital" cycle of the engine itself.

In the oil there are additives of a dispersive nature. They guarantee a reduction in wear on the metal parts of the engine even with a thin oil coating.

oil of the village diesel

Varieties of oil

The line of lubricants of the company "Seleniya"has not too wide a range, if to compare with other eminent manufacturers. Here there are oils for both petrol and diesel engines, capturing turbocharged and multivalve. There are in the production of the concern "Villages" and individual developments for sports cars and racing cars. This is a synthetic oil Selenia 10W60 Racing.

The company also developed a unique product,aimed at reducing fuel consumption with additives for diesel and carburetor engines. This line is released under the name Selenia 5W40 Performer.

In addition to synthetic and semi-synthetic oilthe company produces motor lubricants made of mineral components. In such products there are additives to facilitate the operation of the engine under extreme conditions. In the concern "Villages" these oils are denoted SAE 20W50.

engine oil displacement 5w40

Popular brands of oils

The "Seleniya" oil for diesel is presentedthe original sample Turbo Diesel 10W40. It is created on a semi-synthetic basis and resists thickening of the liquid lubricant in the engine. The reason for this process is the deposits that remain after the combustion of the fuel. This becomes a huge problem for engines with direct fuel injection.

In the automotive market,engine oil "Villages" 5W40. It is made on a synthetic basis and is suitable, mainly for cars. This product is ideal for gasoline engines. It has an exclusive structure and an unusual formula.

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