Another addition in the Nissan line: technical characteristics of the Nissan Beetle Nismo, its design and price


Sports version of the world-famouscrossover "Nissan Beetle" (Nismo) is produced serially from 2011. Despite its small age, the car has already managed to undergo restyling: now in the dealerships you can see the new model SUV SUV "Nissan Beetle". Technical characteristics of the modification "Nismo", its design, as well as the exact cost, you will learn from our article.

technical characteristics of nissan beetle


The exterior of the novelty was very stylish andnoble. Among the changes is worth noting the presence of a new plastic body kit, as well as LED fog lights, integrated into a massive front bumper. The black edging of the main light headlights also played a role and now "Nissan Beetle Nismo" is definitely not confused with anyone. Due to small changes in overall dimensions and a modified bumper with a body kit, the crossover got not only a fresh look, but also more advanced high-speed technical characteristics.

"Nissan Beetle Nismo" and its interior

The interior of the restyling seriesSUV began to look very elegant and at the same time sporty. Modification of Nismo has more passenger features than off-road: sports seats with lumbar support, dynamic upholstery and characteristic coloring of measuring instruments on the front panel. But nobody can scold the novelty. In the showroom, the manufacturer has done literally everything to make its owner feel comfortable and comfortable inside.

nissan beetle bundle and prices

Technical abilities

If we talk about technical characteristics,"Nissan Beetle Nismo" is equipped with one gasoline unit. This 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 200 horsepower and a working volume of 1618 cubic centimeters. For comparison: the 2011 series of SUVs was equipped with a 10 horsepower engine weaker, so for the technical characteristics of the "Nissan Beetle Nismo" gets a solid five. From the gearboxes, buyers will be offered a variator or a classic "mechanic".

High-speed technical characteristics

"Nissan Beetle Nismo" thanks to the increasedtorque is now able to accelerate the car to 215 kilometers per hour with a mechanical transmission. As for the variants with the variator, they will be less speedy (at 15 kilometers per hour) due to the fact that in the box the program for the distribution of engine power was originally set.


In terms of fuel consumption, the novelty has a veryextraordinary indicators. And everything depends on the type of drive and gearbox. So, the most economical version of the crossover (naturally, with a front-wheel drive), equipped with a "mechanics", will "eat" about 5.5 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers in a mixed cycle and 9 in the city. Up to 10.5 liters per "hundred" in the city and 7.5 liters in mixed mode - this figure has an all-wheel drive version of the SUV, equipped with a stepless variator.

nissan beetle specifications

"Nissan Beetle": trim levels and prices

In Russia, motorists will be offered several complete sets, among which the base will cost 1 million 74 thousand rubles, and the maximum - 1 million 193 thousand.

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