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A special version of the UAZ "Patriot Trophy" is a powerful, modern, reliable and safe SUV with a fighting character equipped with a diesel or gasoline engine.

Car Models

Exclusive versions of "Trophy" for models"Patriot", "Pickup", "Hunter" purchased the elements for a confident and reliable operation in conditions of full off-road and in urban. A spacious saloon, a large trunk and the size of the car allow you to venture safely to a large company for hunting and fishing. UAZ "Trophy" - a car that will never be lost in the flow of cars and off-road, it evokes great respect. Especially this SUV is relevant in the harsh conditions of Siberia and northern regions of Russia, but it is also widely used in the central zone of our vast homeland.

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Differences UAZ "Trophy" from the base car

• Exclusive body color and its hinged elements, grille - metallic gray-brown.
• Special light alloy 16-inch wheels.
• The size of the tires SUV 245/70 R16.
• The SUV is equipped with a spare wheel in the original container.
• The model has enlarged mirrors.
• There are aluminum covers on the side guard.
• Athermal (heat-saving, heat-absorbing) auto glass.
• The spoiler has a stop lamp repeater.
• The steering rods are protected.
• Auto salon with an exclusive combined fabric + leather trim on which the Trophy logo embroidered.

UAZ "Trophy" has a swing back door, whichreliably in the open position holds the pneumatic stop. There is a rear towing eye with a finger to fix the towline. UAZ "Trophy" (reviews of which, by the way, only positive) is one of the best SUVs produced by the domestic auto industry.

The complete set of UAZ 3909

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UAZ 3909 - commercial line in the specialversion of "Trophy" - has the exclusive color of "moray eel". Inside the car there is a 12/220 Volt converter with a power of 400 W, there is a table, a staircase and an expeditionary roof rack, new off-road tires 225/75 R 16 Contyre Expedition and protected tie rods.

UAZ Patriot has a new distributionbox with an electronic control unit from the Korean automaker Huyndai-Dymos. Thanks to this innovation, it became possible to choose the necessary driving mode for the motorist by a simple and easy turn of the selector. This SUV is designed for comfortable overcoming long distances and forcing heavy off-road. For this purpose, a special metal power kit with a powder coating is installed on the car. Under the bumper can be installed rack and pin jack.
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Safely protects the steering protectionsteering rods. The SUV has additional reliable arches expanders, mandatory differential lock, which is installed in the rear axle. This allows the car to get out of any complex area. UAZ "Trophy" also has a 5-ton winch. The SUV is equipped, in addition to the head xenon headlights, also with additional halogen, located along the perimeter of the trunk.

About Patriot Arctic

UAZ "Trophy Patriot Arctic" with petrolengine and color "silver metallic", except for the above equipment, is equipped with parking sensors, mirrors with electric drive and heating. Also, the car has LED daytime running lights, power windows on all doors, additional rear heating and heated front seats, electric front glass heating. Salon SUV is equipped with air conditioning, radio with 4 speakers, preheating heater with program control. At the programmed time, the car's climate system performs the warm-up of the car.

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