Tuning engine VAZ-2114 - forcing and flashing the computer


It's no secret that domestic carsproduction, including the 14th Lada, are equipped with not very powerful engines. In this regard, motorists are trying in every possible way to increase the power of their iron friend. In order to fully reveal the capabilities of the gasoline engine, it is necessary to increase the volume of the cylinders, that is, to arm the engine. But you can add "horses" in other ways. How to make tuning engine VAZ-2114, read further in our article.

tuning engine VAZ 2114

Increase the working volume of the cylinders

This is the most proven and reliable way to improvecharacteristics of the dynamics of acceleration of any car. The essence of the work on forcing the motor is very simple - you just need to properly dig out the piston, finalize the intake manifold and change the crankshaft. However, unfortunately, it is impossible to do this without a special machine, tools, and even more skills. The piston is being pumped on high-tech equipment on the basis of accurate calculations and with observance of dimensions. If the part is at least a few millimeters greater, the effectiveness of such forcing can not be expected. Such machines are only available in professional workshops, that's why you can not make tuning of the VAZ-2114 engine in this way.

On a specialized SRT the masters will quickly pick upyou are the most suitable crankshaft (high or light), replace it and properly blow out the engine pistons. By time, the process of boosting the motor takes about one day. From a financial point of view, you will have to spend at least $ 500 to "bring the engine to mind." Due to the reduced size of the pistons and the modified intake manifold, the engine's power will increase almost 1.5 times. That is, instead of the old 90 horsepower, we get immediately 135. But the fuel consumption will not be economical - on average, it will increase by 2-3 liters.

Alternative ways to modify the motor

Some drivers do repairs (tuning)VAZ-2114 engine itself. Thus all pistons and a cranked shaft remain untouched. How can you increase the power of the motor without boring the cylinders? The simplest way is to replace the regular air filter. As a result, the engine power increases by about 5-8 percent. The fuel consumption thus does not increase almost. Together with the filter, motorists recommend changing the regular wires of the candles to high-voltage ones.

repair tuning VAZ 2114

In order to increase the maximum number of revolutions of the crankshaft (and accordingly, the power), the cylinders remove the sherkovatosti. Together with them, the inlet channels are polished.

Another way to refine the VAZ engine may be the steel upgrade of the ignition distribution system. In this case, the DVS installs lightweight valves and new pushers.


It's also a very effective way to improvemotor performance. As practice shows, after installation of the turbocharger the car becomes more powerful at least by 25-30 percent (that is almost like when boring cylinders).

chip tuning engine VAZ 2114
However, along with this, it should be borne in mind that such atuning engine VAZ-2114 entails an additional load on the transmission. Remember that the engine torque should not be greater than the passing torque of the gearbox.

Alternative option - chip tuning

As in the case of forcing, this methodit is impossible to increase engine power without special equipment. However, it does not use machine tools, but computer software. In fact, the main object of alteration here is the electronic control unit, which, as a result of the work, is "brainwashed".

In the technical language, the engine's chip-tuningVAZ-2114 is a reprogramming of the computerized control system of ICE. It should be noted that there are a lot of "flashing" options. For example, one program adjusts the unit for moderate fuel consumption (to the detriment of overclocking dynamics), and the second, on the contrary, increases the power plant's power (with the car spending 5-10 percent more gasoline than before). Another interesting version of the firmware is the replacement of the ignition timing at the VAZ. Auto tuning of the 2114th "Lada" in this case allows you to switch to a painless absorption of gasoline with a low octane number.

VAZ car tuning 2114

But still, most motorists retune the computer to a higher power. As a result, the car becomes dynamic on the acceleration, fast and fast.

Cons of reflashing

But do not forget about the shortcomings of thischip-tuning. This is an increased toxicity of exhaust gas and an increase of 5-10 percent of fuel consumption. Unfortunately, modern technologies do not allow you to reconfigure the machine at the same time for low consumption and high dynamics of overclocking. You have to sacrifice something with one thing - these are the laws of physics.

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