Ssangyong Kyron Technical Specifications


Let's look at the technical specificationsSsangyong Kyron. This is one of the most famous off-road vehicles model line Ssang Yong. The car debuted in 2005 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Deliveries of this car to Russia are carried out since the spring of 2006.

Auto is an interesting combination of the classic SUV design with non-standard design solutions.

ssangyong kyron specifications
It combines the latest technical achievements,the highest level of comfort and safe travel. The five-door Kyron is based on Ssang Yong Rexton. It combines excellent cross-country ability, economy and spaciousness.

The designer of this model is Ken Greenley. His original craftsmanship distinguishes this SUV from other models. English design attracts attention with consonance with today's day and futuristic. He rejects stiffness, tradition and classic lines, which are so fond of the inhabitants of Great Britain.

If you want to buy a powerful car,choose "Kairon". Its technical characteristics are excellent. The front of the car looks very modern and original enough. The radiator grille is chrome plated and has a streamlined shape. On the body are unusual vyshtampovki. All these little things stand out for Kyron in the city movement. Wide wheel arches SUV inspire the feeling

 ssangyong kyron specifications
strength and reliability.

What else can you say about Ssangyong Kyron? The technical characteristics of this car attract an incredible number of car enthusiasts. After all, under the hood of Kyron there is a turbodiesel with a two-liter capacity of 141 hp. The motor is equipped with a common rail power supply. These indicators guarantee customers the least waste of fuel. The manufacturer also offers variations of the car with a manual and automatic transmission. The 4x2 models with a diesel engine of 2.7 liters are produced, but in Russia they are not on sale.

And what are the technical characteristics of SsangyongKyron is different from other auto models? The interior is in harmony with the exterior of the car. Its interior is stylistically one-piece and very boring. He pleases with a lot of interesting solutions. Here, the interior design is arranged according to the principle of "tranquility and comfort". The creators claim that they did everything to make the driver feel comfortable. Indeed: the central panel and the instrument console have unusual outlines.

Agree, the technical characteristics of Ssangyong Kyron are stunning! The levers and buttons are located next to the gearbox knob.

kairon specifications
This allows the driver to pay more attentionroute. Several round switches connect the headlight corrector, seat heating and transmission control. Ergonomics of the cabin provides comfort for drivers and passengers.

The most common variation of Kyron is availableABS, a pair of airbags, electric mirrors, climate control and electric glasses. And if you love the most expensive kit, then you can supplement all the listed goods with leather interior, rain sensor, automatic light control system, driving stability regime and electric front seats.

We examined almost all technicalcharacteristics. Ssangyong Kyron is an amazing machine! By the way, if desired, Kyron can be equipped with Active Rollover Protection mode. He will protect the car from upheavals. And the Hill Descent system will help the car to descend from the mountain. Passage of cars restricts only the lack of protection from below and a small ground clearance. Manufacture of Ssangyong Kyron is handled by Severstal-Auto. It is located in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny.

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