We are reworking the tractor. Tuning and its variants


Each owner seeks to make his own techniqueso that it suits him. This applies not only to cars, but also to tractors. Tuning them is also possible. And he spent amateur amateurs quite often. Most often, the domestic machinery is being altered. The external shape and power units are also subject to changes. This is due to the desire to become the owner of a unique, attractive and powerful unit.

What can I change?

Before you start tuning your tractorhands, you need to assess their abilities and skills. The desire to change something can not replace the inability to keep a screwdriver in their hands. But, as the wise men say, it's never too late to learn.

tractor tuning

If the choice fell in favor of rework, then you need to decide on the type of tuning. It can be external (affecting changes in external body elements) and internal (replacement and modification of power plants).

External tuning of the tractor is much easier. It can be repainting the body in a different color, hanging a new bumper or optics, applying aerography.

With internal changes, everything is a bit more complicated. They can be performed only by a person who understands the technique. The work involves changes in the working mechanisms: engine, suspension, gearbox.

Another important point about which it is not worthforget at the beginning of the process, concerns finance. Qualitative parts and materials can entail serious waste. Therefore, when deciding on alterations, decide on the amount that you are willing to pay.

External tuning

The T-25 tractor or, for example, the MTZ model, by its external characteristics are much inferior to imported analogues. Therefore, the appearance is often subject to change.

tuning of a tractor t 25

Many owners of vehicles start tuning the tractornamely with the painting of the body elements or their replacement. The replaceable elements can be purchased already finished, made at the factory. And you can make them with your own hands, using elements from other techniques. They are driven by their tractor.

The next step is to change the optics. New lights and brake lights will make the tractor more visible. Their replacement is the right step on the road to success.

It is very important to paint the tractor body properlyafter hanging new parts. The opinion that it should be the same color, wrong. To paint it it is possible in any desirable color (within the limits of admissible SDA). You can also apply aerography, interesting inscriptions and hieroglyphics. To all this looked aesthetically pleasing, the body must be carefully prepared. And one more important point: the main thing is not to overdo it. External tuning can both decorate the tractor, and spoil it.

Car conversion

It is much more pleasant to work if inside the cabin is warm, the seat is soft and comfortable. And your favorite music will come in handy in any tractor, be it John Deere, MTZ or T-25.

Tuning the tractor involves changing the cabin.Comfort in old models of technology is far from desired. The first thing you can do is replace the seat. Here it is important to take into account two points: convenience and size. The seat for the tractor should be convenient for the mechanic, but small in size. Suitable options can be found in the store or picked up from other equipment.

tuning of tractors by one's own hands

Then you can pay attention to additional lighting. Recently, more and more people have opted for LED lighting. It surpasses analogs in many ways.

Install the radio tape recorder correctly. It is put in the place where it is convenient to get your hand sitting on the chair. The speakers should provide a uniform sound from all sides. If you want to install a subwoofer, then it should be placed behind, that is, behind the back of the chair.

Internal tuning

Internal tuning of the tractor involves changingits power unit. There are a lot of options in this case. Some install more powerful engines from other types of equipment. Others improve cross-country ability. Still others make their unit more economical. All these works are united by one: they can be performed only by a specialist.

tuning of a tractor

Interesting is the idea of ​​combining diesel andgas fuel. It appeared several years ago. And already there are the first fans who were able to translate this idea into reality and install a gas installation on the tractor. This allows you to reduce the consumption of diesel fuel, increase the period between repairs. At the gas station, you need to drive almost twice as often.

Another interesting idea for tuning -re-equipment of the tractor for a "half-track". Under it is meant the installation of two tracks and two sets of tensioning devices. At the same rubber-metal caterpillars grasp the driving wheels.

If we say, for example, about tuning a tractorMTZ, then we can offer one more option. It allows you to improve the patency. It involves the installation of a bridge from the GAZ-66. To install it you need to use additional bushings. In this case, you can take the drive from more powerful models.


Apparently, the tuning of tractors impliescarrying out a large amount of work. They can be done separately, but you can perform several changes at once. In any case, you need to assess your abilities and financial capabilities sensibly. In addition, do not forget that these jobs take a lot of time. Perform a high-quality tuning in a short period of time will not work.

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