Do not start VAZ-2110 - what to do?


Probably, every owner of the domestic "ten"faced with such a problem, when after turning the ignition key the engine refuses to start. We all know that in winter it is quite difficult to start any car, because for the night its engine cools down to extremely low temperature. However, what to do if the VAZ-2110 does not start on hot in the summer? Call the tow truck and go to the car service? Or maybe take the initiative in their own hands? Let's figure it out.

will not start VAZ 2110

Battery status

Because the car can not be started withoutbattery power, you should first look at its status. When the VAZ-2110 does not start, first open the hood and check the battery indicator. If it is red, then the battery needs to be charged. However, what to do when the battery level is normal?

Pay attention to the fuel pump

If the VAZ-2110 is not started (injector orcarburetor), and the battery provides a good starting current, perhaps the source of troubles should be sought in fuel equipment. Often happens so that the engine does not start because of the lack of gasoline in the system, which stopped pumping the pump from the tank. It is quite easy to diagnose its condition - if the spark plugs produce a spark, but the internal combustion engine does not start, then the problem lies precisely in this detail. But it does not always happen.

Do not start VAZ 2110 injector

The cause of all troubles is caused by the sensors of distributing and crankshafts.

In fact, these are two identical devices, onlyis located one on top and the other from below. Therefore, the one and this mechanism can be faulty. And if you do not start VAZ-2110, and the fuel system, starter and battery operate like an hour, diagnose the mentioned sensors for serviceability. This is done, as a rule, at the SRT, with the use of a special scanner. However, you can also determine the state of the device with your own hands. When the spark plugs do not produce a spark when the ignition key is turned on, this indicates a malfunction of one of the two above-mentioned parts. True, not the fact that the failure will hide in the sensors. Perhaps, the candles themselves will be out of work.

VAZ 2110 does not start on hot

Pay attention to the alarm system

No, we are looking at the effectiveness of sound protectionwe will not. The fact is that faulty signaling can also affect the efficiency of the ignition system. Yes, it happens rarely, but none of these failures are insured. Therefore (as an option), the reason for the fact that the VAZ-2110 will not start is the signaling. It can only be diagnosed by exclusion. If the fuel pump stably pumps gasoline, and the scanner does not produce any errors, with a probability of 99 percent is to blame for all the alarm. The computer, as a rule, does not detect the error code of these devices, therefore highlights that everything is in order. In fact, there is a breakdown, and, as we have already said, it can only be determined by an exception method. Sometimes in the alarm system, the immobilizer on the chip falls off. In this case, you need to test the operation of the second remote key. And in extreme cases, you should check the condition of the batteries.

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