The stove (VAZ-2114) does not work - what should I do?


One of the most common problems withwhich is faced by the majority of owners of domestic cars in the winter, is a permanently broken stove. This problem haunts the owners of VAZs since the 70s of the last century. Unfortunately, since that time, regular heaters have changed little in terms of reliability. But if this problem touched you, you need to solve it immediately.

stove VAZ 2114 stopped working stove
And today we learn why the stove works badly on VAZ-2114 and how to fix this problem.

What should I do if the heater does not heat well or does not work at all?

Here we will consider the main reasonsfaults and methods for their elimination. The most likely reason why the VAZ-2114 does not work is a faulty thermostat. If this part is in an inoperative state, the system will constantly drive the antifreeze only in a large circle, bypassing the small one. The solution to this problem will be the installation of a new thermostat, since the old repair is long and pointless.

Airlock as a probable cause of heater malfunction

Air congestion is the second reason whythe stove does not work. VAZ-2114 - the car is unpredictable, and sometimes in the cooling system there may be air pollution. This happens approximately like this: after the engine has run, when the antifreeze cools down, the upper part of the cooling radiator is filled with air. The latter moves to the thermostat. In the morning it turns out that after starting the motor the pump drives air into the radiator of the heater (it is presented in the photo below).

does not work stove VAZ 2114

Many motorists solve this problem in the following way: they throw off the branch pipe on the stove and gradually add the tosol to the maximum.

What if the VAZ-2114 stove stopped working? The stove and its tap

Malfunction or poor performance of the interior heatercan be triggered by the stove crane (if it does not open until the end). How to solve this problem? First pick up the cable tap. To flex it it is necessary from the side of the accelerator. To see how much it is pulled, you can pull it to yourself with pliers. If the tap does not open, most likely, it is oxidized. In this case, we change it entirely.

The clogged radiator of the stove can also cause a non-working heater. Here it is necessary to take this part out and thoroughly blow it with a vacuum cleaner.

water pump

It also happens that the pump is unable to createthe necessary pressure in the system. This happens when the heater does not heat at idle speed, but operates only on the revolutions. Such signs may indicate a low level of coolant content in the system. Most often, motorists mount a dural pump instead of a regular one. Recently, a lot of fakes have appeared in the stores, so be very careful when choosing. For certainty, ask the seller for a certificate that is attached to this batch of products. By the way, some craftsmen additionally put an electric pump from GAZel.

Coolant level

As for the low level of antifreeze, here mattersthings are much simpler. If the antifreeze level is not at the maximum mark (and this should not be in the winter time), top up the coolant slightly above the MAX mark.

Sometimes OJ can smell of petrol.If this is the case, chances are most likely that the cylinder head gasket has run out. In this case it is necessary to replace it. It is worth it inexpensively, and the replacement itself will not take you more than 10 minutes of time. The gasket itself serves differently - from 10 to 40 thousand kilometers, depending on the manufacturer and the operation of the car.

the stove fan does not work

If the stove does not work, VAZ-2114 needs to be checkedfor the clogged salon filter. It is shot very simply. The service life of this element is about 10-15 thousand kilometers. If you did not change it during this period, most likely, the reason lies in the clogged filter.

The stove fan does not work - what should I do?

It is possible to understand that the fan does not turn on, as follows. First we start the engine and turn on the heater. If the stove has ceased to make noise, as it was before, then this part is faulty.

Circuit breakers

Most often the fan does not work because of burned fuses. At 14 "Ladakh" put 30-amp fuses F7. He is right behind the stove.

The relay of ignition

If the stove is "buggy" from time to time (turns ononly with the engine warmed up), means, the matter in the ignition relay. It also happens that the fan does not work due to poor contact in the mounting block. Oxidized or poor contact along with the fuses is a very common problem in the operation of the heater. Here we need to move a little of the wire harness that goes to the block or check the quality of the contacts.

VAZ 2114 the furnace works badly

The fan also breaks down through the resistor.It is easy to understand this - the stove will be switched on only at the 3rd position of the lever. In this case, change the additional resistor completely. So, we found out why the VAZ-2114 does not work.

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