High clearance "Renault Daster" does not interfere with the maneuverability of the car


The dream came true - the model was found!

Oh, how lucky I was!

On the all-wheel drive Renault

I had enough money.

clearance of Renault duster

Captures "Duster" beauty

And pleases at the same time

In the cabin - the roof height,

Outside it is a lumen (road).

A joke, of course, but after all, "there is a joke in every joke, is not it?"

What is the ground clearance

And now seriously.We give the definition of clearance: this is the distance between the surface of the pavement and the lowest point of the car's body. Usually this value is indicated in millimeters. Another name is "ground clearance".

Influence of the ground clearance on vehicle stability

From school physics lessons we remember:The higher the center of gravity of the object, the less stable it is. The car is no exception to this rule. A high ground clearance worsens such qualities of the machine as stability and controllability when performing turns at high speed. The car can fall on its side and even stick its nose into the ground.

The all-wheel drive "Renault Daster"
Reno Daster Clearance

The ground clearance for this model of the SUV is 210mm. Frankly speaking, not the smallest value. This ground clearance allows the car to confidently overcome obstacles such as high curbs. In the conditions of the city, the quality is very useful. And how does the car behave outside the city? Clearance "Renault Daster" allows the car to more or less successfully cope with the so-called average off-road. On a really bad road, there may be problems with traffic due to low-lying body and silencer protection. Manufacturers assure that the high clearance of Renault Daster does not impair the maneuverability of the car: even when passing at a high speed of sharp turns the car remains manageable. Pits and potholes on the road do not make her wiggle from side to side. This is achieved by increasing the width of the front and rear wheels of the machine.

Clearance "Renault Daster 4x2"

Unlike all-wheel drive, this model hasground clearance 205 mm. This is no longer an SUV, but a so-called "SUV" - a car designed for traffic around the city and good motorways. But would a Russian stop it? All the same climb desperate little heads on his "Daster 4x2" in the mud on the steep bank, and after all leave! The car does well also with snow-covered rural roads. If you try hard, you can get stuck on an all-wheel drive SUV. It's not for nothing that a popular sign has developed: the steeper the jeep, the further you run after the tractor. Reviews of car owners say that the high clearance of Renault Daster, combined with a good design make the car suitable for any purpose: from a trip to the mushrooms before visiting the opera house. One misfortune: due to the large ground clearance, the "Duster"'s paddles stand far enough, and after dressing up for a trip to the theater, it's easy to stain trousers from the car.


what's the clearance for the Renault Daster

In our article, we described in some detailto you about what the clearance of the "Renault Daster 4x2", and what - the all-wheel drive. Described the possibilities of a car on city streets, on the highway and snow-covered rural road. Summarizing, we can say that at its price, "Daster" is a good car.

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