Is it possible to make a slip-on with your own hands and what is it intended for?


On the road, everyone is equal.And no matter how experienced the driver was behind the wheel, all the same from the accident no one is immune. And if your car got into an accident, even if it is insignificant, the risk of damage and deformation of the body increases several times. At the slightest collision, the frame of the machine changes its geometry. How badly it is damaged can be determined while driving at high speed - in case the vehicle starts to vibrate suddenly and rattles, it means that the design of the car has the wrong geometry. It is better not to postpone repair for later, because in addition to discomfort and increased noise in the cabin, the level of tire wear along with fuel consumption is noticeably increasing. In order to restore the previous characteristics of the body, you can use for auto slip. It is quite possible to make it with our own hands, and today we will figure out how.


What is this tool?

This device fulfills the functionrestoration of previous characteristics and geometry of deformed sections of the body. In doing so, it can restore the previous properties of the spars (the main elements in the design of each car), as well as the body racks, which also play an important role in the car.


At the moment, there are severalvarieties of these details. It can be tools with or without lifts, with a frame or platform base. They are purchased in specialized stores. But you can go another way, making a slip of your own hands. Sudomodelism here does not play any role, the main function of this "homemade" remains the same - the restoration of the early geometry of the body.

auto slip


In order to make this device yourself, you will need these tools:

  1. Approximately 900-mm channel bars for power cross bars and 11,700 mm for the construction of a frame.
  2. Hydraulic jack.
  3. Three double and one single clamp.
  4. Steel chain with welded links.

In general, so that all these toolsturned into one functioning slipway, you need to allocate exactly 3 days. It is in such a short period of time that you can make a large and complex design for leveling the spars of the car.

Where to store it?

Of course, after calculating the total length of allchannels, the question arises: "And where to store such a device?". Fortunately, you will not have any problems with storing the self-made staple. Its dimensions will be equal to the length of the car, that is, it can "spend the night" in the garage with its owner without any problems.

slopel with their own hands

How effective will this tool be?

If you are in doubt whether to make a slipwaywith their hands or not, fearing the inefficiencies of the results, take a look at the drivers' reviews - all homemade devices of this kind allow you to completely restore the former body properties with a probability of 100 percent (of course, provided that everything is correctly designed).

As you can see, it is not only possible, but also effective.

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