Rubber on the "Gazelle": size 185/75 r16c. Winter tires on the "Gazelle"


How much on the roads of cars. But the tires for them even more. This applies to passenger cars, but the owners of "Gazelles" face the problem of choosing good and quality shoes for their "horse". "Gazelle" is a working machine intended for the carriage of goods or passengers. To properly choose rubber, you need to build on the distance the car will drive and what to carry.

Dimensions of rubber for "Gazelle"

Entering the tire center to buy rubber on"Gazelle", you can see many variations of their sizes. Standard tires on the "Gazelle" - the size of 185/75 R16 and 175/80 R16 has. But it's not a fact that you have standard disks, they can be wider, then you should consider the sizes of 195 and 205. The size of the rubber is "Gazelle-Next" 185/75 R-16. You can also put 175/80, also a sixteen-inch. The size of rubber on the "Gazelle" business class is no different, maybe 185/75, 175/80.

rubber for gazelle size

What does the letter "C" mean in rubber?

For an unknowing person, the numbers and letters on the bus are neitherabout what do not speak, and he will be guided by advice or councils of the seller. But in order to properly choose the tires for the "Gazelle", the size is not the only parameter that must be met. To begin with, it is worth investigating what the assigned letter "C" means. If there is this letter in the rubber labeling, it will mean that the tire has a reinforced cord. Such a cord is necessary to ensure that when the goods are transported on the wheel, there is no "hernia" - bulge on the tire, the consequence of a cord break. Thus, the ideal rubber for the "Gazelle" is 185/75 R16C. Reinforced tires will cost a little more than usual, but it's better to overpay once and ride quietly.

what kind of rubber to put on a gazelle

Decoding of the tire marking

With the letter "C" sorted out, but there are still manyincomprehensible. What is the rubber in the Gazelle? The size is 185/75 R16C: 185 is the width of the tire, measured in millimeters; 75 is the height of the profile, as a percentage of the width of the tread, that is, the height is seventy-five percent of one hundred and eighty-five millimeters; the letter R denote the radial construction of the tire cord (nowadays, another construction is rarely found, the radial is recognized as the most durable and durable); 16 is the diameter (not the radius, as many believe) of the wheel in inches.

When choosing rubber for "Gazelle", pay attention torate index. For this vehicle, it will be indicated by the letter N (up to one hundred and forty kilometers per hour), P (top speed of 150 km / h) and Q - speed up to one hundred and sixty kilometers. The speed index says, with the development of what maximum speed, this rubber composition will begin to heat up strongly and, accordingly, wear out. The index of carrying capacity for the "Gazelle" is from 98 to 104 for twin wheels of the rear axle and 96-102 for tires on the front axle. An image of a snowflake says that it is a winter tire on the "Gazelle", a droplet is a summer tire. These figures are shown after the figures 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. These figures indicate wear - the remainder of the useful tread. It is recommended to change the rubber when the figure 3 disappears. After this figure is erased, it is not recommended to use the tire, as its coupling properties are lost. The operation of such rubber is dangerous.

winter tires on a gazelle

Winter tires on the "Gazelle"

On the wheels of trucks in winterchains, for cars there are a lot of tires, and what kind of rubber to put on light truck, such as "Gazelle"? There is a variant of studded rubber. Consider budget models, since price is the main factor when choosing rubber for a working machine.

The most popular version of winter tires on"Gazel" - "Kama Euro 520" - a tire produced in Russia. This tire showed itself from the good side when passing through the snow cover, well behaved on the ice. Of the minuses - shumnovata, but it's normal for winter studded rubber. It costs about three thousand rubles. If the budget allows, you can buy more expensive rubber, but at times more quality and durable. This Nokian Cargo C is a Finnish brand produced in Russia. All indicators - driving on ice and snow, on wet snow, handling on drifts, a clear entry into the turn, braking in extreme conditions and starting on a slippery surface - five with a plus. Surprisingly quiet, compared with other studded options. There is such a pleasure about five thousand.

rubber size on gazelle

Summer tires for "Gazelle"

Many gazelists from all summer versions of rubberprefer "Kama Flame" - this is the most bought Russian tires on the "Gazelle". Size - 185/75 R16C - recommended for installation on the "Gazelle" by Russian manufacturers. Most drivers use Flame as an all-season option in summer and winter. Although it is worth marking M + S (mud and snow), but use this rubber is in the summer, in the autumn and spring period. It is worth "Kama" about three thousand rubles. Tigar Cargo Speed ​​- also tested summer tires. It was created specifically for light truck transport. Strengthened with a metal double cord, has a protector that is easily self-cleaning from dirt, splits water well. Ideal for use in rural areas where poor road surface. Voltyre - Russian rubber, inferior in quality and patency "Kame" and Tigar. The maximum speed for it is only one hundred and forty kilometers, and the carrying capacity is not more than eight hundred kilograms. It is worth about, like, "Kama".

size of rubber on the gazelle business

All season tires for "Gazelles"

Again in the ranking of the most popular rubber firstthe place goes to "Kame". The all-season version of this company is "Kama 218". It is produced in chamber and tubeless versions. The tread pattern is asymmetric, consists of separate large blocks, which allows evenly distributing the load and pressure across the entire tire, increasing its wear time. The noise level is minimal, it will ensure a comfortable ride. This rubber can be used in summer and mild winter (not velcro). The price for the two hundred and eighteenth "Kama" will be pleasantly pleased owners of large car parks "Gazelles" - three and a half thousand. With it, there is no need to spend large sums for the seasonal overhaul of a large number of machines.

rubber on the gazelle 185 75 r16c

What rubber to put on the "Gazelle"?

Owners of "Gazelles" are interested in the question of whether it is worthhave two sets of rubber - winter and summer. Of course, it's worth it. Many believe that a loaded car and so well will keep the road. But there are all kinds of situations - ice, snow drifts. All-season rubber is not suitable for harsh winters, it is popular only in southern cities, where dampness and dirt prevail in winter. Winter tires should have thorns to cling to ice and pass through the snow. Summer rubber should have good water-repellent properties. These are additional lamellas and wide drainage. All-season rubber in summer at high temperatures deteriorates, and this is an additional cost and danger on the road. "Gazelle" - the same transport, it is necessary to take care not only of replacing liquids in it, but also about the timely replacement of the wheels. This, first of all, your safety, the safety of other road users, the safety of the cargo and the saving of money.

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