Thermostat VAZ-2114 - replacement by own hands


Unfortunately, the quality of assembly of domesticcars is significantly different from foreign ones not in the best way. All component parts of our machines serve an order of magnitude less than imported ones, and the thermostat is no exception. And today we will consider how the replacement of the VAZ-2114 thermostat ("injector" and "carburettor") with one's own hands is made.


thermostat VAZ 2114 replacement

To begin with, it is necessary to determine whether thestate is this item or not. How to check the thermostat? VAZ-2114 can signal you about its breakdown by frequent engine overheating, as well as insufficient warming-up temperature inside. Also, the machine loses its dynamic performance, that is, slowly goes to overclock. If you find at least one of these symptoms, you should pay attention to the thermostat.

VAZ-2114 - replacement of thermostat and cause of malfunctions

Why is this part out of order?The most likely cause is the accumulation of various deposits in the car cooling system. The scum formed inside, significantly worsens the work of the thermostat, making it less mobile. As a result, this part stops responding normally to temperature differences in the system. Most often, the scum is formed in those motorists, who instead of a quality antifreeze pour ordinary water. In this case, the thermostat can jam in the open position. Then the "cooling liquid" (that is, plain water) will circulate along a large circle. Subsequently, the engine reaches its operating temperature very long, and in winter it can not be made at all. Therefore, in order to protect your car from scale, it is necessary to fill only the quality antifreeze and not to use water at all. These were all the main reasons, because of which the thermostat breaks down.

VAZ-2114 - replacement of thermostat. The dismantling process

First, we need to prepare the following set of tools and materials:

  1. Several metal clamps.
  2. Tee diameter of 19.
  3. New thermostat. VAZ-2114 (replacement of the thermostat is described below) works well with a detail of the brand WEEN and Metal Incar.
  4. Hose length of 50-60 centimeters (will suit from the old "Moskvich").

VAZ 2114 how to change the thermostat

So, let's get to work.First we need to remove the plug from the expansion tank. Next, unscrew the drain plug and wait for the coolant to drain from the radiator. Preliminary it is recommended to put any container on 5-10 liters, where it will accumulate antifreeze. Further we twist a drain stopper and weaken an inhaling of collars of a hose of branch pipes of a cover of a nest of the thermostat. We take out the front and rear hose, previously sliding it along the pipe of the water pump.

After that, unscrew a few fastenersthe cover bolts and take it out together with the thermostat. Then gently hold the lid in the vise. It should be noted that on the walls of this instrument should be soft rubber sponges. If you do not have such a vice, put a piece of rubber on both sides. Then squeeze the fixing plate of the device down and disengage from the grooves. Now remove the thermostat from the lid. Everything, then you can start installing a new one.

Installation process

Well, now the second part of the system repaircooling the car VAZ-2114. How to change the thermostat and install a new one? For this we need a few minutes of free time and a minimum set of tools. Now it remains only to install a newly purchased thermostat in the car. VAZ-2114 (replacement of this part should not be carried out without a special check) should first be diagnosed for the operability of the elements of the cooling system. Before installation, the thermostat must be checked for suitability for use. To do this, boil the pan with water to 80 degrees Celsius and throw it there. At a temperature of 87 degrees, the mechanism stem must move out of the power element. If this does not happen, most likely you have purchased a defective thermostat. VAZ-2114 (replacement of this part with a defective one will not solve the problem with the cooling system) will simply boil, which will certainly reduce the engine's life. In this case, we need an exclusively working thermostat.

how to check the VAZ 2114 thermostat

And this part is installed similarly to the removalin reverse order. True, here it is necessary to pay attention to a few points. At installation carefully look at a condition of a sealing ring in a groove of a nest. If it contains damage or is severely deformed, it is best to replace it with a new one. Also, the O-ring must have an elastic property.

The final stage

Further we fill the cooling system with antifreeze(pour it through the expansion tank to the upper edge of the tank attachment belt). After close the plug, start the engine and diagnose the system for leaks through the connections of the thermostat nozzles. And finally at idle we warm up the engine to a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. This will help us remove the air plugs formed in the cooling system.

replacement of thermostat VAZ 2114 injector

It is worth noting that this instruction can beapply both on the injector, and on the carburetor VAZ. However, in the latter case, the hole for the temperature sensor in the new part must be damped securely - only then this thermostat will work.

replacement of thermostat VAZ 2114 injector


As you can see, replacing the thermostat on the car "LadaSamara 2 "is not a complicated procedure, you only need to spend 30 minutes of free time on all the work, for the money it will be about 400 rubles.

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