Rubber summer: properties and features


The tire is the most important element of every car,providing him with stability on the road and a minimum stopping distance. And how short it will be depends on the composition and pattern of the tire tread. Despite the fact that all manufacturers include rubber and many other additives in their tires, the braking distance and the grip on the road are different for all cars. In today's article, we would like to talk about all the features of summer tires and find out what a good rubber should be.

summer tires

Summer tires - what are the features?

As we know, all tires are classified into threegroups: summer, winter and all-season. We will not talk about winter today, but pay attention only to two species. At the moment, "vsesezonka" is a big competition for seasonal tires, although it does not have the best qualities and behavior on the road. And the whole point is that such a tire can be operated all year round, without "re-training". The price for it, too, is several times less than the cost of a set of seasonal tires. However, do not forget that, along with these advantages, the "all-season" loses in the main - security. In its properties, it has only averaged quality, so the result on the road leaves much to be desired. The brake path is a few percent larger than the standard summer tire, and the aquaplaning effect is much more frequent.

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Rubber summer, unlike the all-weather, excellentDischarges water when hit by puddles and wet asphalt. And as we know, at a speed of more than 60 kilometers per hour, a thin film appears on the road between the wheel and the asphalt, which worsens the stability of the car. In fact, such a machine moves through the air, and these several millimeters of water can create a lot of trouble. Therefore, the conclusion is only one: "vsesezonka" is not suitable for normal operation on an asphalt road, because its averaged grip qualities do not provide effective braking and handling of the vehicle.


The main feature of this tire isits special composition, thanks to which the summer tires do not heat up on the road to extreme temperatures. Perhaps you felt like after a long trip, the wheels of the car just turn red on the road. Unlike the all-weather, the summer rubber of 2013 does not heat up so much, due to which it has a long service life. And the high-quality grip with the road, which we talked about before, is promoted by a unique protector. It is much different from the design of winter and all-season tires. As we see in the figure, the summer rubber has longer and more smooth grooves for draining water. By the way, the greater the depth of the tread, the better grip it provides.

summer tires r14

Rubber summer - dimensions

At the moment, there are a lot of seasonaltires of different brands from a variety of manufacturers. Among them, especially popular is the summer tire r14 firms Continental, Michelin and Good Year. This tire diameter has the majority of modern cars imported and domestic production, including some models of VAZs.

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