Turn the turn on VAZ-2114 - causes and methods of elimination


A problem with floating speed may ariseevery car owner. And it does not matter, the carburetor is an engine or an injector. The reasons for sharp jumps in speed can be quite a lot. And today we will consider the situation when the turnover on the VAZ-2114 is floating, and also how this problem can be solved.

Engine ECU

Very often the cause of this trouble isnamely the "brain" of the car, that is, the electronic control unit. If any sensor that is responsible for the correct operation of the internal combustion engine fails or when external air penetrates, the computer can not give a specific and exact command to the system, which leads to the occurrence of floating revolutions. In this case, you should go to the service center and diagnose the ECU, since it is unlikely that you can determine the codes of errors and malfunctions without special tools and instruments.

Sensors and their malfunctions

Of course, if the ECU issues the wrong commands, this does not mean that it failed. The cause of the breakdown should be sought in the following sensors:

  1. РХХ (regulator of idling).
  2. ДМРВ (the gauge of the mass expense of air).
  3. EGR.

It is because of these details that the speed at VAZ-2114 is most often floating.

float turns on the VAZ 2114

If all these elements work correctly, you shouldTo diagnose spark plugs and check the condition of the air filter. By the way, sometimes the cause of the floating speed is not the sensor itself, but its electrical wiring.

Why are the turns on VAZ-2114 floating? Diagnostics of PXX

First of all, we check the PXX sensor.On domestic cars it is mounted on the throttle body near the throttle position sensor on the two mounting screws. To test its performance, we need to prepare a multimeter. First turn off the ignition, then disconnect the connector with the wire from the sensor and with the help of our device we measure the resistance level between the contacts of the regulator. Under normal conditions, this value is 40-80 ohms. If the readings you received do not correspond to the norm, it is most likely that the controller has come into malfunction. In this case, it must be replaced.


Next in the queue for testing is a mass air flow sensor.

VAZ 2114 floating engine speed
It is he who is the frequent reason whyswim speed on the go. To test it, we will also use a multimeter. Here we measure the voltage between two contacts - DFM connectors, to which the green and yellow wires are suitable. When performing diagnostics, the engine must be switched off and the ignition switched on. The multimeter should show a value from 0.999 to 1.02 V. If the readings do not justify the norm, this indicates a fault in the DMRV.

EGR Valve

This device is a sensorexhaust gas recirculation systems. The EGR valve sends a portion of these gases to the combustion chamber of the engine, thereby increasing the likelihood of complete combustion of fuel and, as a consequence, reducing the emission of toxic substances out to the atmosphere. By its design this detail is very simple, but very often with it there are problems.

floating idling VAZ 2114
If you do not periodically clean the valve seat andthe place of its landing, you can soon expect an unstable operation of the motor. This is the main reason why the engine speed is floating on the VAZ-2114. If you have not cleaned this element for a long time, you should carefully clean the contaminated area with an aerosol to clean carburettors. Do not allow material to get into the diaphragm of the valve.

Why do idle engines spin on the carburetor engines?

VAZ-2114 "Samara" with a carburetor engine is also notis insured against such a problem. It happens, fortunately, not every day, but still. The main reason for this is incorrectly adjusted or defective carburetor itself. Also, the floating speed can be caused by the air suction or by a faulty solenoid valve XX. In addition, it is worth checking the air filter for the presence of deposits in it.

But more often floating turns arise precisely because of wrong adjustment of the carburettor. In this case, you should adjust it by properly rotating the screws of quality and quantity of fuel.

swim speed on the fly

As for the solenoid valve, it can beProdiagnost, without removing the power cord from it. It is enough with the ignition on, to touch the contact cord on the valve - a characteristic click will soon appear. If it is not, you can try touching the contact with a wire that is connected to the positive terminal on the battery. If, and after that, you did not hear a click, then most likely the valve came into malfunction. To repair it, it is necessary to unscrew it and clean the jet.

So, we found out why the speed on the VAZ-2114 is floating and how to fix this problem, depending on the type of malfunctions.

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