How to check the VAZ-2109 thermostat? Replacement of VAZ-2109 thermostat


What is the VAZ-2109 thermostat, when necessary?its replacement, what are the main signs of a breakdown, we'll cover in this article. And also in our publication contains a detailed description of how to install a more advanced thermostat from the car model 2110. About its benefits will be told a little bit lower. And to start with the theory, you need to understand what device is the thermostat, what functions it performs in the cooling system of the internal combustion engine.

What is a thermostat?

thermostat vases 2109

As you can see from the name of the device, itsomething does with the temperature. And more specifically, with its help there is a switching of fluid flows in the cooling system. And the thermostat, carburetor or injector are the basis of the petrol injection system, it has the same composition and construction of the hull. When operating any motor, it is necessary to provide heating of the throttle assembly. And it is present in any injection system: both in the carburetor and in the injector.

The basis of any thermostat is a specialA plate that is made of a material called bimetal. He reacts to changes in temperature and is able to deform because of this. This effect is based on the switching of air flows: the plate moves the valve, which is fixed by springs. Overcoming their effort, the plate moves the valve, opening the fluid flow path to the main radiator to ensure efficient cooling.

Signs of breakage

thermostat vases 2110 at 2109

What can be the first sign thatthe VAZ-2109 thermostat went out of order? Of course, the engine overheats even when driving at a high constant speed. The reason is that the liquid continues to circulate through a small circle, no drop falls into the radiator. And even the inclusion of an electric fan will not help, because it's simply useless to do it. The only thing that can slightly improve the situation is the opening of the stove cock and the inclusion of a blower at the maximum speed.

But this action will not bring comfort in the hotweather. The most frequent breakage of the thermostat is the wedging of the sensing element in its original position (the liquid moves along a small circle). If suddenly this happened, then you need to try all methods of elimination. Even a few light strokes on the hull may well open the valve. If there is such a state of emergency on the road, then it is necessary to drain the liquid, to break all the insides of the thermostat, so that the liquid circulates only along a large circle. But will not boil, and you can get to the repair site.

Preparing for replacement

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That the car was completely ready to be replacedthermostat, you need to wait until the engine has cooled to at least 40-50 degrees. On hot work is extremely dangerous, you can get a burn. The replacement of the thermostat with VAZ-2109 is performed quite quickly, the most complicated and tedious procedure is the emptying of the system. To do this, use two drain holes, which are located in the bottom of the radiator (the plug is twisted by hand) and in the engine block (bolt under the head for 13).

But here's what to do if the system is flooded with antifreeze,which has a fairly high cost? We must try to keep it, so that it would not be expensive to repair the car. To do this, first of all, by opening the stove cock, unscrew the yoke on the branch pipe that goes to the throttle. Through it, you need to drain as much antifreeze as possible. Yes, this procedure is slow, but it will save almost all the liquid. Only after it you can unscrew the cap on the radiator and on the engine. And do not forget to unscrew the stopper on the expansion tank so that the pressure increases.

Replacement of thermostat

Thermostat VAZ 2109 Injector

Old remove, install in its place a new one - thisand the entire replacement procedure. But you need to carefully inspect all the pipes of the system. The thermostat VAZ-2109 is connected. Injector or carburetor in the injection system - it does not matter.

When carrying out work, pay special attention toclamps. The old ones are extremely undesirable, it is better to install new ones. And an important criterion is reliability. Worm-type clamps are very gentle: it is worth making a little more effort, as it collapses. And the ability to damage the pipe is very high. If you tighten the clamp excessively, you can break through the rubber. But we can not tighten it too much, of course, because there will be fluid leaks. In other words, it is a double-edged sword. And a little tip: before installation it is desirable to apply a sealant a thin layer on the surface of the thermostat, which will come into contact with the nozzle.

The better the thermostat from the "tens"?

how to check the thermostat vaz 2109

Of course, we are not talking about those models thatwere put on the first issues of the "dozen". The VAZ-2109 thermostat (carburetor) is very similar to the one that was installed in the first models of the "dozen". But now we are talking about more modern models. Their main advantage is that the number of clamps is minimized. But the mounting of the thermostat to the engine block is not made by means of a short branch pipe. The body is screwed to the ICE block using two pins. The temperature sensor is screwed into the thermostat, therefore, the second hole must be muffled.

In addition, when installing a thermostat from the "dozens"on the "nine" there is an opportunity to save a little, because you can only change the sensitive element. Among the passive benefits - the release of space under the hood. The body of the thermostat becomes five centimeters shorter, which makes it possible, without difficulty, to reach, for example, the adjusting nuts of the clutch cable.

Can the thermostat 2110 be set to "nine"?

In part, this question was answered in the pastparagraph. Yes, you can install the VAZ-2110 thermostat at 2109, and it does not matter at all, the "nine" carburetor or injector. In fact, starting with the "eights", the engines are used the same. What can I say, even on modern "Grants" install the engine, which is used at the G8 and N9 since the 80s. Progress, do not say anything. Of course, instead of the carburetor, there is now a more modern injector injection system, which by European standards was outdated about 5-10 years ago. And almost all nodes are interchangeable. There are minor differences, improvements, but this does not change the whole picture.

Refueling of cooling system

replacement of the thermostat with a vase 2109

To fill the fluid and pump the systemyou need a few minutes. First of all check whether all the nozzles are securely installed, whether all the clamps are tightened. Then look, whether the plugs of the engine block and the radiator are in place. If not, install them. Now you can open the stove cock and pour liquid into the expansion tank. The gurgling stopped - closed the cork and started the engine. Wait until the operating temperature is about 90 degrees. If necessary, top up the liquid in the reservoir. It is necessary that its level be between the bottom and top marks.


Work with a thermostat is not very much, but ascheck the thermostat VAZ-2109, you know perfectly. Dip into boiling water, if the valve opens, then the element is defective. It can not be repaired, only a complete replacement will help. If you want to improve the performance of your engine, then, of course, it is more reasonable to mount the thermostat from the "dozen". True, there may be small difficulties, for example, the motor will not pick up the temperature. In this case, it is worthwhile to reconsider the connection of the system elements. In the rest, thanks to this modernization, heat exchange only improves.

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