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Renault Symbol is a French carProduction, which belonged to the class of front-wheel-drive compact sedans. There is this car since the 90s. At its designing engineers have taken for a basis a design of a hatchback «Renault Clio».

reno simbol owners reviews
At first the new car did not use highpopularity at motorists, and on the world market it did not plan to deliver. However, the situation changed dramatically in 2002, when the French made a serious restyling model. Since then, the novelty has become one of the most popular in its class. But what does Renault Symbol have with its owners' reviews and specifications? The answers to all these and other questions will be found in our today's review.

Renault Symbol - owner feedback and design overview

First of all, car enthusiasts stressedModern exterior, which was finalized during the restyling. In fact, the French designers completely remade the body of the car. For example, the front end of the Renault Symbol 14 has been completely redesigned.

reno simbol owners reviews
So, the car has found new triangular headlightshead light, a bumper with integrated fog lights (in the base configuration stubs were present in their place) and a radiator grill, divided into two parts, between which the chrome emblem of the company was located. There is a long plastic molding on the front, sides and behind. In general, regarding the design of the new Renault Symbol, the owners' testimonials do not express any indignation. Restyling was so successful that even now the given image of the machine does not lose its relevance

Reno Simbol - owner feedback on the interior

Inside the car, a new steering wheel and a smallliquid crystal display on the center console. At that time, such monitors were a luxury and envy of car owners, so the electronic equipment "Renault Simbol" was one of the most advanced in its class. This display clearly displayed information from the car radio and showed the current temperature "overboard". The decoration of the interior is two-tone: the top is dominated by gray tones, the bottom is lighter ones (shade of ivory).

reno simbol motor
Particular attention was paid to the quality of finishing "RenaultSimbol ». The owners' comments noted the presence of new plastic, which did not rumble and did not vibrate on the road, and a sheath of pleasant light tones. The only drawback was the lack of a tachometer on the dashboard (a similar situation was with the Korean "Daewoo Nexia" in the 90's). And in general, the interior of the sedan looks very solid and respectable.
reno symball 14

Characteristics of Renault Symball

The engine of the "Frenchman" was petrol.The kit included an eight-valve 1.4-liter engine with a manual transmission on 5 stages. A little later the line of power units was replenished with two sixteen-valve plants (diesel and gasoline). Gasoline engine with a working volume of 1.6 liters developed power of 107 horsepower. A diesel unit with a volume of 1.5 liters had at its disposal only modest 65 "horses".

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