Which winter tires are better: a review of the products of well-known manufacturers


With the onset of cold weather, car ownersbegin to prepare for frosts and "re-train" their "iron friends". Many of them are wondering about what winter tires are better to buy: studded or so-called "Velcro". It should be noted that each species has its own advantages. It is believed that the spikes should provide a safer ride, as the grip on the road surface increases. But they create a lot of noise while driving, at the same time the braking distance increases somewhat, and irreparable damage is caused to the roads. That is why almost all of Europe has long introduced a ban on the use of such rubber.

Which winter tires are better

Every year famous car magazinesThey conduct tests to find out which winter tires are better. For several years in succession, the first three places consistently occupied by such well-known brands as Michelin, Nokian, Continental. These are true leaders among other manufacturers, whose quality has already been checked by time and by a lot of car owners. However, the prices for this rubber are quite high, which makes motorists look for cheaper options. So, there was a new challenger for a place among these companies. This is the brand Pirelli. In the beginning, there were some shortcomings in the products, but the production was adjusted, which brought the desired results to the developers.

Answering the question about which winter tires are the mostthe best, it's worth mentioning the spiked rubber Latitude X-Ice North 2 from Michelin. All the many years of experience the French invested in the creation of these tires. They are able to withstand heavy loads on the snow-covered road and develop a very high speed. A special tread pattern, whose center resembles the structure of the tank caterpillar, makes it possible to make the clutch as reliable as possible.

Which winter tires are the best

For those who do not want to buy studded tires,but still does not know which winter tires are better, you can advise "Nokian", namely the model of Hakkapeliitta R. What makes it so popular? The excellent composition of rubber, which includes rapeseed oil and rubber fiber, reduces fuel consumption, improves stability and has a less detrimental effect on the environment. This is an excellent option for harsh winters.

Winter tires what firm is better

It is rather difficult to determine which winter tires arefirm better. Each manufacturer seeks to make its products as high-quality and affordable for the consumer. But if you want to get a good rubber at an affordable price, then you should pay attention to the Japanese company Bridgestone, for example, the model Blizzak WS-60. Smart and practical inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun make real masterpieces from their products. Thanks to numerous tests and research, a special rubber composition was developed, which can increase the stability of the car on the icy road several times. Add to this a special technology of tread construction - and you get excellent studless tires.

An unequivocal answer to the question of which wintertires are better, unfortunately, can not be found. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to be guided by personal preferences and budget.

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