How is contactless ignition better than contact?


The car consists of four systems:cooling, lubrication, fuel and ignition. Failure of each of them individually leads to complete failure of the entire car. If a breakdown is found, it must be eliminated, and the earlier, the better, because none of the systems fail immediately. This, as a rule, is preceded by many "symptoms".

non-contact ignition

In this article we will dwell in more detail onignition system. There are two types: contact and non-contact ignition. They differ in the presence and absence of breaking contacts in the distributor. At the moment when these contacts open, an induction current is generated in the coil, which is fed by means of high-voltage wires to the candles.

Non-contact ignition does not have these contacts.They are replaced by a switch, which, in principle, performs the same function. Initially, only the contact system was installed on domestic cars. Non-contact ignition VAZ began to install in the early 2000's. This was a good breakthrough for him. First of all, non-contact ignition is more reliable, since in fact one quite vulnerable element was removed from the system.

non-contact ignition on a vase

Over time, car owners themselvesto establish a non-contact ignition for classics, since this greatly facilitated maintenance. Now the possibility of burning contacts was excluded. In addition, now they did not need to adjust the gap at the time of opening. Among other things, non-contact ignition also has better current characteristics, namely, higher frequency and voltage, which seriously reduces the wear of candle electrodes. On the face - pluses in all spheres of operation.

But not everything is as smooth as we would like.For example, there are times when a switch fails. If the replacement of the contact block will cost 150-200 rubles with good quality, then prices are 3-4 times higher. Among other things, replacing the contact ignition with a non-contact leads to the replacement of high-voltage wires with silicone wires, if they have not been installed previously. Of course, you can leave and standard, but then there may be breakdowns, which means - interruptions in the ignition and in all the work of the engine.

non-contact ignition for classics

Now a little about the system itself.The power is constantly supplied to the ignition distributor contacts, through which it goes to the primary (small) coil winding. At the moment of contact opening, the current in the primary winding stops, the magnetic field changes, resulting in an induction current of high frequency and voltage. It is something that is fed to the spark plugs.

The replacement of the contact ignition itselfcontactless should not cause any difficulties, since it all comes down to unscrewing and screwing the parts. Of course, after the replacement of the distributor itself, you need to set the moment of ignition, but, firstly, it is not too difficult, and secondly - you can initially put the slider in a convenient position and remember, then to install the switch in the same way. And still it is necessary to disconnect the battery from the chain, so as not to get burns or other injuries.

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