Door paneling VAZ 2110 - removal, installation, bracing


Car enthusiasts who want to completelytransform your car by tuning, should pay attention not only to its appearance and power plant, but also to the interior, one of the main components of which is the cladding. The standard paneling of the doors of the VAZ 2110 does not look very attractive, therefore, in order to give its iron friend uniqueness and modernity, many drivers make or buy ready-made sets of such parts. Fortunately, the range of this allows you to do.

door paneling vases 2110
In today's article, we'll look at how the door trim of the VAZ 2110 deluxe and its neck is removed.

Why is it better to do the plating with my own hands?

Of course, ready-made kits will greatly acceleratebut after seeing the cost of such details, car enthusiasts start to think: "Do not you do the same with your own hands?" Moreover, today's assortment of fabrics and other materials allows you to create a skin according to your own design. But to make the finished part really more beautiful than the standard, and not vice versa, you need to work hard. And the better you do the work, the better the skin will look. Therefore, if you have a lot of free time and are not too busy at the weekend, it is quite possible to create such a product with your own hands. In this case, you will save up to half the cost of the original plating, which is sold in stores. But to create or purchase a cladding is another half of the matter. Ahead you will have an "impossible" task with the installation of this part in the car. About how exactly the door trim of VAZ 2110 is removed and how the process of its constriction is going on, let's talk right now.

Dismantling of car door trim

It should be noted that this work caneven a novice car enthusiast can handle, as this part has the most primitive design and simple fastening elements. But here there are some nuances. For example, removing the euro door trim VAZ 2110 does not happen without removing the power window lever (if this is installed on your car). Still experts recommend to stock up in advance with plastic clips, because most of them burst when dismantling.

euro door paneling vases 2110

After all the fasteners weresuccessfully removed, it is necessary to remove the cap from the door handle. Under it you will see 2 holes. They have bolts that we need to remove (this is done with a conventional Phillips screwdriver). When removing the handle, make sure that it does not damage the door opening lever. Then move to the bottom of the skin. Here on the "top ten" (however, as on all other cars) there is a small pocket that is attached to the screws. It must also be removed. After that do not rush to pull the lining, as, besides all the other details, many other important things connect it with the door. At the VAZs, this is a lock lock button and a plastic cover at the mirror adjustment lever. Now, safely remove the trim from the car door, after removing 8 plastic clips from there. The door frame of the VAZ 2110 has been successfully dismantled. Now you can proceed to the main stage - a constriction.

Tuning of the door trim of VAZ 2110 - the process of necking

Here in the course of the work we will needFurniture leather (in stores it is called vinyl leather). From tools, you should prepare a building hair dryer, a brush, glue and a stationery knife. It is best to start from the front doors, and then move on to the rear doors. First the casing is cleaned of accumulated dust and dirt, treated with alcohol and degreased. Then you can safely proceed to pasting. Work begins with the fact that a layer of glue is applied to the door skin. After the substance on the surface has dried (in time it is not more than 5-10 minutes), proceed to the processing of the reverse side of the element.

The final stage - pasting

Next, using a hair dryer, a skin substituteis glued on the skin. Thanks to the effect of heat, our material will become more elastic, accordingly, all convexities and irregularities will be excluded (i.e., the work will be done without "jambs").

tuning of the door shells VAZ 2110
The edges of the skin are carefully bent and trimmedscissors. The same work is done with the rear pair of doors. By the way, the hole for the door handle is treated in the same way - first 2 cuts are done diagonally, glue is applied to both sides and the material is bent inside.


Everything, at this stage, the door paneling VAZ 2110successfully overstretched. It remains only to wait until the glue dries, and you can start assembling. The paneling is installed in the same way as the disassembly in the reverse order, with the replacement of all the cracked clips.

plating of doors 2110 lux vases

In order to maintain the general style of the interior, it is recommended not to stop only on the door trim, but to do the tuning of the entire interior, especially since you already have such experience!

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