Mazda Tribute ("Mazda Tribute"): specifications and reviews of the owners


Mazda Tribute is a popular SUV,production of which began in 2000. Since then, the car has been transformed many times, and today a car meets all the technical requirements for high-traffic transport.

Mazda tribute
For the years of its existence this company model"Mazda" became more and more "American", and the final result acquired features of respectability and solidity. The SUV has several modifications, for example, for countries in which the right-hand traffic is accepted, the car is produced with the left rudder. These models are assembled in the USA at factories of Ford concern. And the "iron horses" with the right rudder are produced in Japan.

Features of the machine

I must say that Ford played in the fate of thiscar decisive role. The machine was developed jointly with the specified concern, and it also has a similar off-road car - it's Ford Escape / Maverick. It differs from the Japanese counterpart by the exterior and design, but they have the same technical qualities.

Main characteristics

Concern "Mazda" in the development of this SUVdid not change his principles - the sporting direction and the daring "nature" of the machines. All these features are fully transferred to the Mazda Tribute. The car has easy and maneuverable control, it feels confident on the road and is gaining good speed in record time. In addition, the exclusive chassis and rigid body give the vehicle a chic grip on the road. According to the owners, the car combines the comfort of driving a car and the confidence of an off-road car.

Mazda tribute owner reviews
It is worth saying a few words about fuel consumption inthis model of the brand "Mazda". In the technical characteristics of the manufacturer, the claimed consumption is 8.5 liters along the highway, and 13.6 liters in the city. Having studied the feedback of the owners, it is possible to confirm this information with confidence. The car accelerates to 100 km / h in about 10.7 seconds, and this is already a stable performance of Japanese SUVs. The maximum speed that an off-road vehicle can reach on the track is 174 km / h.

Mazda Tribute, the reviews of which are the mostenthusiastic, is 216 mm, and this is a good indicator of patency. Despite the fact that this car is an off-road car, it is still not designed for permanent off-road driving. In addition, many owners say that the salon is not sufficiently sound, and this on a bad road can produce an unpleasant impression.

Chassis characteristics

The undercarriage of this SUV has everythingthe advantages of Ford cars, that is, the concern gave her all its power units. Moreover, the suspension has an independent suspension of both wheelsets, and thanks to the load-bearing body the quality of the machine's movement is very high. Sixteen-inch wheels in alliance with a wide bumper give a daring look to this SUV. On its patency written a large number of good reviews of car owners.

mazda tribute
Average horsepower for allmodifications is 200 units. This is a good power for such a large car. And if the model is equipped with a four-speed engine and an automatic transmission, then it has all chances to become the leader on the track. In addition, the SUV has a special intelligent drive system. It implies the connection of the rear wheels in the event that the front begins to slip. Moreover, the SUV driver himself can regulate this process - on the dashboard there is a functional button. Thanks to her, you can connect the full drive if necessary, for example, on a snowy Russian road.

Engine and power

The car "Mazda Tribute" is produced only withfive doors, there are no other body models for this car. But the engine volumes vary very widely - from two to three liters. Almost all models are equipped with the engine of the Ford Durtec 35. In addition, the variety of motors the machine can have a variety of. In general, all the differences of cars of this model are classified only by technical parameters. And the overall appearance does not change, we can only say that the smoothness of the lines and the streamlined details are enhanced with each new model. It is also worth noting that the Mazda Tribute, whose technical specifications we list, can have both a mechanical and an automatic transmission.

And what's inside?

Salon of the car "Mazda Tribute" (reviewsowners mostly laudatory) has, as a rule, a light finish. For example, a modification of "luxury" is a natural beige leather, which gives a feeling of lightness. The seats of the car are quite wide, equipped with an orthopedic back.

mazda tribute reviews
Thanks to these characteristics, car ownerscan comfortably move to any distance. In addition, long-distance travels are facilitated by the fact that the rear seats are laid out in a very comfortable and wide bed. Mazda Tribute trunk volume, moreover, is a transformer, that is, it can change the configuration and accommodate the dimensional cargo. Its volume is four hundred and seventy liters.

Reliability of the model

Inside the vehicle there are sixairbags, which are located around the perimeter of the car, and the front ones are also doubled. In addition, even in the basic configuration, the ABS system and the EBD braking boost distributor are provided. In equipping an off-road vehicle also provided fog lights, which are sometimes just necessary in our climate. And comfort along the way is supported by cruise control and a full electric package. For the most demanding individuals, manufacturers installed cleaning filters for air conditioning.

mazda tribute specifications
In general, we can say that the SUV MazdaTribute is a serious competitor to their counterparts on the model line. It has positive characteristics for several indicators. This is the appearance, and comfortable interior, and good controllability, and safety. Its reliability is confirmed by the concern "Ford", although the Japanese "Mazda" in itself is one of the recognized leaders of the automotive market. Respectable appearance and bold character - that's what attracts many potential buyers.

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