New 2014 Volkswagen Polo range (sedan) - specifications and design of new items


In Russia, the car "Volkswagen Polo" knowlong. Immediately after his debut, he actively began to conquer the expanses of the former USSR. Now many motorists characterize it as one of the best "state employees" of European production. Negative feedback in his address almost did not sound. Its main features were a well-designed design, a democratic price and reliable power plants. Actually, these qualities and he won great popularity in the world market. In today's article, we will review the new, 2014 model series "Volkswagen Polo" sedan. Technical characteristics, price and design of the novelty - later in this article.

polo sedan specifications


The external appearance of the novelty really deservesattention. After all, as the Volkswagen lineup tends to corporate design (and most of its models belong to the business class), the new Polo can be considered the most affordable sedan of this series. Outwardly, it can hardly be distinguished from the representative "Passat", so you can consider yourself a successful businessman even for 10-15 thousand euros. In the new year, the German is not much different from his predecessor - the Volkswagen Polo sedan of the 2013 model line. Still in its appearance there is a wide air intake, a bumper with integrated fog lights and a chrome grille with a company logo. As for the optics, almost no changes were made to it, however, as in all other parts of the body.

Volkswagen polo sedan price

Volkswagen Polo Sedan - specifications

In terms of technical characteristics noveltyis equipped with a 1.6-liter 105-horsepower gasoline engine, and paired with an automatic or manual transmission of five speeds. For cars of the Kaluga assembly this engine is the only one in the whole range and is applied both in budget and top-of-the-range Volkswagen Polo sedan. The technical characteristics of this engine are capable of much - in terms of dynamics, the novelty is very quick to overclock. "Hundred" she dials in only 10.5 seconds (with a manual transmission) or for 12.1 (with an automatic box). Yes, the Volkswagen Polo sedan specifications really deserve attention. And what about the cost?

"Volkswagen Polo" sedan - price and completing

The initial price for the restyling VW Polo inTrend Trend set-off starts at 449 thousand rubles (approximately the same as Hyundai Solaris). For an additional fee of 35 thousand rubles at the showroom you will install air conditioning. The average configuration of Comfortline is offered at a price of 530 thousand rubles. The list of attachments here is certainly more extensive - and rear view cameras, and a system of "smart headlights," and security sensors. The cost of picking the "Hayline" starts from the mark of 595 thousand rubles. In this case, the car can be "stuffed" with various electronics for 100 thousand rubles. But 700 000 for the budget "Polo" - this is clearly an overpriced price.

Volkswagen Polo Sedan 2013

A pleasant news for motorists will be,that all cars "Volkswagen Polo" (regardless of the configuration) will be equipped with electric windows and doors and salon pockets on the door cards.

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