A small tuning: the door trim of VAZ-2114 and not only


Tuning is the bringing of a conventional and inexpensive machineto perfection by adding and changing some parts inside the car, for example, headlights, wheels, door trim VAZ-2114 and much more. You can make it in the salon, or you can do it yourself. The technique of alteration and finishing of the salon is the same everywhere. And because many car owners do everything themselves.

door paneling vases 2114

In order for the machine to sparkle and acquire new characteristics, work on it must be done in the following order:

  1. First, visors change.
  2. Then go to the steering wheel.
  3. The next stage will be the doors - the door trim of VAZ-2114 and everything connected with them.
  4. Now you can proceed to adding new techniques.
  5. To bring the machine to perfection, new lighting effects are established.
  6. We get rid of the car from noise.

Now consider in more detail.

Replacement of visors

In order for the visors to be better protected fromsun rays, they need to be tuned from time to time. This is done so. First, sheathing is removed, after which the base is applied to the material "under the skin" or velvet and a blank is made. She puts on a visor, after which foam is inserted inside. All together is sheathed, and the ready visor is put in its place.

Tuning of the steering wheel

Before you start changing the steering wheel,It is necessary to decide what color scheme will be present in the salon of your VAZ. The most important rule is not to overdo it with the coloring. So, when you have decided on this, you can proceed. To begin with, the old wheel is removed and a new one, already covered with the necessary material, is put on. It is necessary to take into account the fact that when the steering wheel is replaced the entire car undergoes changes, and therefore it is best to use the steering wheel from the manufacturer.

Tuning of doors

In this part the door trim of VAZ-2114 is changing, andalso work of the mechanism of lifts and blocking of doors. To begin with, the old finish is removed by disconnecting all the holders. After that, you need to get to the mechanism for adjusting the lifting of the windows. By changing it to automatic, you can proceed to change the door lock. At the very end of the new cover of the door VAZ-2114, which is fixed with a construction pistol and staples.

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Adding Technology

In order to make the car more comfortable and convenient, you can insert the car stereo and speakers into it. And their installation should be done so that the sound comes from all sides.

The radio tape recorder of the old sample gently comes fromgrooves. From it, the antenna, as well as all the wires, is detached. After that you can start installing a new one. The whole scheme of work is carried out in the reverse order. First, the player is installed, and then the control panel and the cladding.

Next, the front and rear speakers are mounted. The first need to be inserted during the door lining, and the second is installed in the trunk.

Interior trim inside

It is necessary to tear down the old casing from inside the roof andattach a new one, without forgetting to insert softening material into it. You can fix the paneling with the help of braces, the process is the same as the door trim of VAZ-2114 (the price is acceptable for all motorists). Since everything is done by oneself, it is impossible to bring the exact cost (depends on materials, availability of tools, experience, etc.).

The introduction of lighting effects

Tuning salon VAZ-2114 can not be consideredfinished until the car was equipped with light effects. It can be illuminated on the panel or lighting the entire interior with the help of color music. To do this, it is best to choose a neutral color to avoid road accidents. The backlight is inserted into the base of the panel and fixed using self-tapping screws.

Getting rid of the machine

In order that there was no noise while driving, the entire cabincar can be pasted with noise insulation. The most important rule - you can not skip even a millimeter of space. Otherwise, the effect will not be achieved.

door trim for vases 2114 lux

In conclusion, I would like to note that the lining of doors VAZ-2114 "Lux", the lining of the cabin and so on can be afforded by every car owner. Good luck on the roads!

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