Honda CBR 400 - the universal conqueror of roads


Honda CBR 400 - sports bike, which inThe production program of the concern appeared in 1987 and continued to be produced until 1999. This is a bike that replaced the previously released AERO, which did not become as popular as its follower, which was published not just as an updated, but as a fully modernized unit.

Honda CBR 400

Engine Features

Honda CBR 400 managed to win the hearts of the inveteratemotorcyclists around the world. And not only on city streets. Many motorists conquered race tracks on this assembly. What is the secret of the power of this motorcycle? Of course, the first thing to note is its design. However, both design and ergonomics should also be given due. But first things first. The Honda CBR 400 is a very balanced motorcycle, in which the perfect handling, reliability and comfortable fit are harmoniously combined. It is really very convenient to ride, if you compare the standards of sportbikes. This bike is a great option for novice motorists, as it has a tight-fitting "elastic" engine, which is very easy to operate. This engine is very successful, because it's no wonder Honda for 12 years modernized it. The motor provides a very dynamic ride, without looking at a very modest volume, which is 399 cm / cu.

honda cbr 400 specifications


In addition to such a unique engine, there is stillsome features of the Honda CBR 400. Reviews of motorcyclists show that he is very unpretentious in terms of service. The most important thing here is to replace the consumables and oil in time. In this case, the motorcycle for a long time will please its owner with established work. It should be noted the Keihin carburetors, which are installed on this motorcycle. They are much simpler and more reliable in their design, if compared with the same notorious Yamaha or Suzuki. The work of the gearbox can be compared with the work of Swiss watches. A clutch discs can go 50 thousand kilometers and even more - it all depends on the preparation of the rider and the style of his ride.

honda cbr 400 specifications

Technical nuances

You should also talk about other aspects of the Honda CBR400. Technical characteristics, as already explained, are good - the motorcycle shows itself in this respect at a decent level. But this is not the whole list of its merits. It is impossible not to mention its sturdy chassis. Good and aluminum diagonal frame, as well as a rear suspension, characterized by progressive characteristics. These elements of the equipment at the highest level cope with their duties. It is worth saying a few words about the brakes. They are made by developers in accordance with the principle of so-called reasonable sufficiency. Two floating discs - in front, and behind - one disc with a single-piston caliper. A motorcycle always has enough brake dynamics. Some motorists improve informativeness, installing reinforced hoses, but here is everyone's business.


It should be noted a few more featuresconcerning Honda CBR 400. The characteristics of its appearance and design are such that externally this motobike is similar to the CBR900RR Fire Blade in 1992 year of release. By its appearance, it makes it clear that this is really a sport bike, despite the fact that it is very compact.

honda cbr 400 reviews


Before the Honda CBR 400 model wonpopularity, the market went to a lot of other motorcycles. In 1992, a good motorcycle appeared, which was appreciated by many motorists. It was the Honda CB 400 Super Four. It is worth noting that officially these cars were sold exclusively in Japan. In other countries, they were sold only by the so-called "gray dealers". By and large, these "four hundred" were produced only for the Japanese motorcycle market, because in Japan, restrictions on capacity and cubing for beginners are valid. And these restrictions roughly look like this: power is not more than 53 hp, and the volume is not more than 400 cubic centimeters. A few years later, in 1995, another version was released that already had a windscreen and a stylish square headlight at that time. Then the colors of orange "orange" and black were very popular. That's where the model was made. Versions S and R were equipped with exhaust pipes, which are identical for the Honda CBR400RR (by the way, the same year of release). It should be a little more detailed to consider these models. Version S was released in 1996. It differed from the previous one with a round headlamp, sports carburetor settings and modified passenger footboards. In addition, there was no central support. The last of the models was published in 2008. She had a new NC-42 engine installed, plus an injection system. The developers have finalized the VTEC system, and in such a way that during transfers the additional valve was activated with an absolutely open throttle. We can safely say that every year the model acquired new outlines, until it turned into an ideal universal motorcycle, which will appeal to both beginners and avid road explorers.

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