What does the "Skoda" icon mean? History of the logo


What does the Škoda icon mean?The question interests many. The logo of a well-known Czech company that produces cars, causes different associations. Some see the winged bird flapping against the background of the globe, the other flying arrow, the third ... Let's not guess! Let's go on a journey in time. We learn a lot of interesting from the past and the present enterprise, the formation of which took place almost 150 years ago.

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How it all began

Let's turn to bibliographic sources,What did the "Skoda" icon mean? The history of the logo deserves attention. But first let's talk about the birth of the plant itself. The chronicle of the automaker with a worldwide name is associated with two separate enterprises. The first is the factory of Emil Skoda. Initially, Emil was the director of a modest Plzen mechanical plant, built in 1859 by entrepreneur Valdstein.

In 1869 he bought the enterprise and proceeded toexpansion of product range. Apparently, the grandiose plans of a Czech engineer with excellent enterprise achieved the goal. Mark Škoda was famous in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is widely known in the 21st century.

To understand what the "Skoda" icon means, how does itchanged, you need to study the details of the second birth of the enterprise. This happened at the end of 1885. The small machine-building plant Laurin & Klement in Mlada Boleslav (a town in the Central Bohemian region on the banks of the Jizera River) started producing a simple mode of transport - bicycles.

Lime leaf

For the mass production of machines movingwith the help of the rider's feet, required parts. The organizers of bicycle business Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Clement bought most of the details in England.

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New business for themselves mastered with a hugeenthusiasm. Otherwise, it is unlikely that nowadays millions of people have thought about what the "Skoda" icon means. The story goes: the first companion was a mechanic, the second bookseller, but both adored cycling.

Invented by them a two-wheeled modelcalled patriotically: "Slavia." He did well not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. Inhabitants of the multinational state in Central Europe of the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary respectfully spoke of the Slavia brand ("Slavic").

Experienced motorists know what the badge and emblem of Skoda means. But did all of them "dig" the topic deeply and know about the first "lime leaves" reflecting the Slavic-Gypsy roots of the product?

Wreath of the Emperor

The heart-shaped image could not be seenonly on bicycles, but also on motorcycles, which eventually the company began to produce. As often happens, the producers wanted something new. This is confirmed by the fact that since 1900 the Slavia brand has begun to disappear.

But increasingly the symbol L & K insidelaurel wreath. The logo was in force until 1925. They say that this is the dedication of Clement to his partner Laurin. Adorable humor eccentric used the similarity of the sounding of the words "Laurin'u" and "laurus nobilis" (bay leaf).

what does the shod icon mean?

Wreath of fame and victories, a symbol of the imperialgreatness has immortalized the diligence and genius of the engineer Vaclav. So, it turns out what the "Skoda" icon means! Octavia is a compact family car of the modern version of Laurin & Klement. Convenient, quite popular. Rare top-end idea with bells and whistles - cruise, climate control, steering wheel in 2 planes - founders never dreamed of it!

Glory to the great mind!

But back to the past.In 1925 the company merged with the large enterprise "Škoda Plzen". The brand L & K went into oblivion. The new company was called Skoda. We have already mentioned "Indian associations". A colorful emblem appeared just in the twenty-fifth. They say that a servant from America worked in the rich house of Skoda. The sight of an indigenous representative of the distant continent, adopted by Columbus for India, inspired the director of SKODA to portray an arrow.

Eagle "cap" on the head of an Indian, hergraphic stylized image with the addition of an arrow / spear, the fusion of "head" and "arrow". All these are the stages of a long journey. They talk about what the badge of the Skoda car means.

The old sign is more interesting?

At the end of one thousand nine hundred and twenty-threeyear, the staff of the patent office on copyright in Pilsen were legalized two varieties of the brand. The winged arrow with 5 feathers and the inscription SKODA in the circle flourished in 1924-1925. The second option is an arrow with three feathers. In both cases, the pointed point looked to the right.

It is believed that from 1926 to the present time"Trident" - almost invariable logo. Comprehending the secrets of the versions, which means the "Skoda" icon, the name of the author remains in the shadows. Two Czech sculptors are named, but who specifically: Otakar Kpaniel or Otto Gutfrend - is unknown. At the present time, when interpreting the meaning of a sign, it is often mentioned the magnitude and perfection of production (a circle, it is also a globe).

Interesting metamorphosis occurred in 1990. The emblem became green. Around it appeared a green color. The inscription is Skoda Auto.

what does the icon signify the logo's history

Finding other solutions

In 1991, during the disintegration of the USSR, a process was under waythe name "perestroika". The word privatization, which was unusual for Soviet people, sounded earlier. At that time, in another former socialist country, the privatized Škoda entered the Volkswagen Group (became a subsidiary).

The logo and emblem were interpreted already in the light of newtrends. The Indian headpiece (gear) is a symbol of progress. Arrow - innovation. "Eye of a bird" (small gear) - the accuracy of the production process. In April 1991, "SKODA" bought out copyrights.

In 1993, small changes were introduced inpicture. The color combination has become black and green (tradition, growth, environmental friendliness). In 1999, the sign was added "convexity" (3D effect). In place of white came a silver color.

By the centenary of the company car SKODA Feliciadecorated with an arrow with wings surrounded by a laurel wreath with a stylized figure of 100. In 2011 it was already a winged arrow on a matte black background in a chrome circle without the inscription "Skoda". It seems that means the icon "Skoda", it is understandable. As for changes in the "appearance", many believe that the old sign was more expressive.

 which means the badge of the car shod

Look at this iconic icon on a white background,built-in black and silver circle. Perhaps it will seem to you impeccable. After all, everything in it is laconically handed over: traditions, ecological safety of production, innovation.

I wonder how the sign will change in the future? Will these be "cosmic changes"? Or the old good retro will take over?

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