Honda Giorno - exquisite style in every detail


Scooter brand Honda Giorno is a maneuverablepersonal transport, made in the style of retro, so he enjoys incredible popularity among the fair sex. However, the antiquity manifested itself only in the external details of this remarkable model, and if you look inside, you can find a very powerful motor, a lever suspension that provides a smooth start and stroke, as well as a liquid cooler that allows you to use the scooter at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions. It is this unique combination - the old classics and the latest progress, allowing you to move around the city without problems, made this scooter model so popular and widespread all over the world.

Honda Giorno

There are many positive technicalmoments, which distinguishes the scooter Honda Giorno. The characteristics of this vehicle start with an engine, the volume of which is 5 liters, and the power - 5.6 horsepower. The brake system, which was the basis of the device - the drum, it allows you to stop the scooter without damaging the rubber and wheels, as well as other parts. Moving around the city or outside of it on a Honda Giorno scooter, you can develop a maximum speed that is 60 km / h, and at the same time feel comfortable and safe.

Also important are the dimensions of the scooter,which do not cease to please all users and fans of this model. The weight of the vehicle is only 64 kilograms, its length is 16.6 meters, and the width is only half a meter.

Honda Giorno Crea
The height of the Honda Giorno is just over one meter,so a person of any height and complexion will feel comfortable on his seat. Despite such miniature figures, the scooter is very stable, perfectly copes with various road obstacles and perfectly moves in an impassable terrain due to its maneuverability and small dimensions. That is why it is very convenient and safe to visit, go shopping or simply ride the streets of the city.

A variation of this scooter model isHonda Giorno Crea, which by technical characteristics and external data is slightly ahead of its predecessor. The price category of the updated design is also slightly higher, however, this is justified by the level of safety, comfort and incredibly attractive appearance. Such a vehicle will be an ideal choice for both men and women.

Honda Giorno Specifications

Scooters model Honda Giorno are already available onfor more than twenty years. Since then, all the technical characteristics and external details of the model have been significantly improved, have become more powerful and beautiful. The scooter is very popular both in the countries of America and in Eurasia, as it is a very worthy alternative to a bulky car in case it is necessary to quickly reach a certain point of the city. Moving on the scooter Honda Giorno, you can avoid traffic jams, drive on any, even the narrowest path, and save a lot of time.

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