Which tire size to choose for VAZ 2114


On the car, as well as practically on anyground transportation, tires play an important role. In this article, the discussion will be on the subject of tires for VAZ 2114. And questions such as: the size of tires for VAZ 2114, the right choice of tires for the summer and winter seasons, as well as the conditions of storage and operation.

tire size on the VAZ 2114

The right choice of tires is a serious matter, requiringa considerable amount of time, directly depends on the driver and his solvency. The choice of rubber simple action can not be called, because you need to take into account almost everything - from the terrain to traffic to a suitable design. Below are the types of rubber and what size tires for VAZ 2114 should be installed.

All season tires

As for tires used for all seasons,then for the VAZ 2114 they should not be taken categorically. Wear of such rubber is great, and good grip with the road that winter, which is almost absent in the summer. Of the many types of cheap rubber, there are firms that produce good tires, but they should not be trusted. Cheaper to change tires every season, than to spend about 2000 rubles for all-season tires, which after a couple of months are only suitable for landfill. The cost of such tires is equal to their quality.

The size of tires for VAZ 2114

The decision, what size of tires on a vase 2114 to choose,depends directly only on the owner of the car. Looking at the younger generation, it seems that the profile of the rubber is lower, so the car behaves better on the road. This is a complete fallacy, which will lead to a sad outcome on the roads of Russia, because the consequences - damage to the discs.

tires on the vase 2114 size

Tires VAZ 2114 are standard in size R13or R14. Information about tires can be found in the documentation for the car. Installation of disks and tires on the car - the decision of the owner, all depends on his purpose - a quality ride or a steep design. If you choose tires on the VAZ 2114, the size of the R13 is the best in harmony with the car in both beauty and movement.

Choosing winter tires

For winter driving, it's best to use R14 tires.Winter tires on VAZ 2114 size R14 are most suitable for driving on Russian roads, tires have a size of 175/65 millimeters, which perfectly suits both for snowy roads and for icy ones.

On the bumps rubber does not jump, squeezed onpermissible depth, while moving through the snow does not allow you to "drown" due to its width! For winter, the size of tires on the VAZ 2114 is worth choosing, pondering every moment, from the frequency of use to the desired life.

The device of tires

what size tires on the vase 2114

The tires on both the VAZ 2114 and other types of cars consist of several elements:

  1. The frame is the main element of the tire, in which there are several layers of cord covered with rubber.

  2. Breker - the inner part of the tire, which is located between the tread and the frame. Its direct purpose is to alleviate the stresses that occur when striking stones or hummocks.

  3. Protector - the rubber part of the tire, located outside and having a certain pattern.

  4. Sidewall is a layer of rubber on the side of the tire, which protects the frame from damage.

  5. Bort - a rigid element, designed to fix the tire on the rim.

Tires in which the belt is at an angle of 45 degrees, called radial. Such tires have the feature of withstanding heavy loads and a long service life.

Tire storage conditions

Tires, like other significant objects,require a special way of storage and use. Tires of the car, who have left their season, should be stored at the same temperature and with a certain amount of atmospheres inside.

Before removing tires for storage it is worth makinga mark that will let you know where each rubber stood. Further it is necessary to wash each wheel to avoid decay of a disk. It is also necessary to remove the stones from the tread, after which it is desirable to treat the tires with special chemicals used for conservation.

During processing, you can not use fundsto restore the color of rubber and solvent, they will only harm conservation. This process should be treated carefully, in order to avoid premature aging of the tire. The use of polyethylene bags is everyone's business, the main thing is that when using the package, do not tie tightly so that condensation does not accumulate.

winter tires on a vase 2114 size

Tires on disks should be stored in a suspendedcondition or on each other, rubber without discs must be placed vertically. With proper handling, the buses will last for a long time and save your budget.

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