What is a three-level voltage regulator and what is it for?


What is a three-level voltage regulator andWhat is it for? This is a device that automatically maintains the AC voltage at the generator terminals of the vehicle. It is located in the side panel. This device is needed in order to enable the vehicle's battery to be charged normally.

 three-level voltage regulator
The three-level controller itself is installedvoltage on the side of the car, and its panel or brush type assembly (depending on the modification of the device) directly to the generator. The levels of the voltage regulated by it are switched using a three-position toggle switch built into the regulator of the generator, depending on such conditions:

- Minimum - voltage level not more than 13,6Volt. Installed when the car is operated at an air temperature from minus twenty to plus twenty degrees Celsius, for example, with prolonged lifts.

- Normal - voltage level is not more than 14.2 Volts. It is installed when the car is operated at air temperature from zero to plus twenty degrees Celsius.

- Maximum - voltage level of 14.7 volts. It is necessary to install when the car is operated in sub-zero temperature, after a long idle time of the car, and also if additional consumers of electricity are included or the battery was significantly discharged when connecting a TV set, refrigerator and car radio.

three-level voltage regulator
Use of the vehicle by the ownersuch a device as a three-level voltage regulator, makes it possible not only to completely solve all the problems with charging the battery, but also to significantly increase its service life.

Built directly into the generator generatorvoltage regulator, which has negative temperature compensation, simply can not control the ambient temperature outside the generator, so the temperature inside the generator itself can sometimes exceed 100 ° C. Here we should also mention the fact that if you include additional loads, namely lights, stove, glass heaters, etc. - the battery can be discharged even with a working voltage regulator and the engine running.

In order to save the driver from suchunpleasant situations, and a three-level voltage regulator was developed. This device many times proved its reliability and, of course, efficiency. For all products, enterprises that manufacture such devices give a brand guarantee from the date of sale. Three-level voltage regulator for road transport

generator control
means is packaged by the manufacturer inpersonalized packaging and has detailed installation and operation instructions. Installation work, or rather, the installation of such an indispensable device, as a three-level voltage regulator, will be able to perform even a beginner - there is no need for special knowledge and adaptations. The three-level voltage regulator is used as an alternative to the standard.

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