Motor oil "Lukoil" - a product of the new generation


Lukoil is the largest oil and gas companyinternational level, which deals with the exploration and processing of oil (with its extraction) and gas, as well as produces petroleum products, sells them. The products of car chemistry and oil profile, produced in domestic production, number in its assortment about two hundred and thirty species. Among them is motor oil. "Lukoil" produces oils of all kinds for various transport. In addition to motor, there are both transmission and basic (raw materials for the production of oils, additives, lubricants), as well as oils for industrial equipment.

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Motor oil "Lukoil" meets allinternational standards and requirements. The company offers this product for both used cars of different brands and with great wear and tear, and for cars of the latest generation.

The entire production process takes place under strictcontrol of the company, which, in turn, monitors the quality of lubricants. The most advanced technologies in production are involved, effective additives are used by well-known world companies such as Exxon, Ethyl, Shell Additives, Lubrizol.

High quality of the products makes it possible to use motor oil "Lukoil" for domestic cars and for foreign cars from different countries.

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The certificate of conformity, the hygienic certificate, the quality certificate, the fulfillment of all the requirements of GOST are all obligatory accompaniment of each batch of products.

Having long earned the confidence of motorists, motor oil "Lukoil" is sold at a democratic price and is presented in a wide range.

High engine cleanliness and longer service life, longer oil change intervals - you must agree, these are weighty arguments in favor of buying this company's products.

Motor oil "Lukoil Avangard" is a newstep, highest quality. This all-season product is synthetic (10W-40), semi-synthetic and mineral based (15W-40) with a wide range of levels and properties.

"Avangard Professional Lukoil" - synthetictype of this product, designed to work at a low temperature, as well as with increased loads on the mechanisms. Even in harsh conditions does not lose the viscosity and other important indicators. The basis is a synthetic modernized oil using a balanced effective package of additives of foreign brands.

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Motor oil "Lukoil". Reviews

A variety of opinions and judgments are found ontopic of production of this largest oil company. But the motorists of all of Russia, who were fortunate enough not to run into a fake, unanimously recommend without using any fears to use this product. Some consumers, having the opportunity to perform laboratory research, conducted their independent examination, the results of which are encouraging. And the practice shows that when using Lukoil engine oil, the car starts without problems at low temperatures, does not require frequent oil changes, which, it should be noted, is not inferior to imported manufacturers in quality, but at the same time it is much cheaper.

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