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SUV - a dream of many motorists.However this class of cars, as a rule, differs high cost. How to be? On the modern car market in Russia you can find a completely democratic version of the crossover. For example, released in China, Chery Tiggo. Its characteristics and reasonable price deserve attention.

Of the most significant of its advantages can be notedstability on the road. Car owners will be pleased with the brakes, they are very sensitive and instantly respond to the slightest touch. This quality ensures traffic safety. The five-door SUV is produced since 2005, it has good dynamics, it quickly develops speed. In the development of "Chery-Tiggo-4.4 4WD" participated, in addition to Chinese experts, designers from the UK and Japan. The car's equipment includes front airbags, electric driver's seat, rear window is equipped with heating.

chery tiggo specifications

There are several modifications of Chery Tiggo.Technical characteristics of the model 2.0 4WD, which is produced in 2011, will please car owners. It can develop a maximum speed of 170 kilometers per hour. Engine power - 139 liters. from. The car has a front-wheel drive and a mechanical, 5-speed transmission. The fuel tank is 57 liters.

chery tiggo specifications

Model 1.6 Chery Tiggo specificationshas the following: front-wheel drive, manual transmission. Engine power is 119 liters. from. Speed ​​car develops up to one hundred and sixty km / h. To travel on urban roads, you need 10.7 liters of gasoline per 100 km. Front and rear suspension spring, independent, there is a stabilizer of lateral stability. The steering wheel can be adjusted in height, there is a hydraulic amplifier for its control. Like any car, the SUV Chery Tiggo specifications include a description of its dimensions. The width, length and height, respectively: 1,765 m, 4,285 m, 1,715 m. Its wheelbase is 2,510 m. The luggage compartment has a capacity of 520 liters. The crossover has a carrying capacity of 365 kg. The ground clearance is 190 millimeters. The fuel tank holds 55 liters.

chery tiggo owners reviews

As a rule, Chery Tiggo owners reviewsmeets positive. Drivers with a great experience call the car the best and advise you to choose it. Even with frequent maintenance problems with the machine does not arise, repairs are only required occasionally, besides spare parts are very cheap. Of course, most motorists emphasize the main advantage of the car - its affordability for the price. In this case, the SUV is well equipped. Owners believe that the crossover of the Chinese assembly is reliable. It is worth the money that is invested in it. The car is easily started even in winter, with very cold. However, from the minuses, the owners note a low level of noise insulation. But the other characteristics deserve only positive feedback: an excellent CP and engine, good brakes. Crossover perfectly keeps the road.

In general, having examined Chery Tiggo, technicalcharacteristics of the car, owner feedback, you can come to the conclusion that this is a successful purchase. A good car will give its owner a lot of positive emotions.

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