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In 2010, during theexhibition in Paris, the Citroen DS4 model was introduced to the general public. Reviews of the first owners of the novelty characterized it as a very successful premium car with good performance characteristics, which could boast a high level of comfort. It is not surprising that the demand for the car was appropriate. As a result, in 2014, French developers upgraded the model. Then the updates mainly concerned the technical part. In February 2015, the car underwent restyling for another, and for the time being, the last time. The line of motors is replenished with new units. In addition, the car received an updated appearance and equipment. About it, and will be discussed in more detail later.

Citroen DS4


In the exterior of the Citroen DS4 in the eye rushes,first of all, a swift silhouette with bright design elements, as well as the prevailing muscular lines. In front of the original lighting equipment, consisting of bi-xenon headlights and daytime running LED lights. She makes the machine look gloomy. In addition, you can not fail to note the large air intake, which flaunts on a powerful bumper, and the logo of the manufacturer, made in the form of a double chevron. The back of the car looks monumental. Quite original here can be called the design of exhaust pipes. In addition to them, a compact tailgate with a small glazing and a sophisticated LED lighting system rush into the eyes.


The length of the car is 4275 mm.At the same time, the wheelbase is 2612 mm. The parameters of the novelty in width and height, respectively, are 1810 and 1523 mm. As for the ground clearance, the car rises above the ground by 195 mm. Speaking about the dimensions, it is impossible not to mention the original wheels of the Citroen DS4, that its appearance is completed by the dynamic appearance of the car. Their diameter is in the range of 16 to 18 inches, depending on the configuration.

Citroen DS4 reviews


Car interior decoration, as well as itsergonomics, is at a high level. On the massive steering wheel, diluted with shiny inserts, which is located at the bottom (on the principle of sports cars), there are many buttons for control. The central console is made in the usual style for French manufacturers. In particular, here you can see a seven-inch screen of the multimedia system, bizarre ventilation baffles and competently assembled control panels for climate control and music. Nice looking and the Citroen DS4. The feedback of the owners of the car, on the other hand, shows that their informativeness is far from the highest.

Comfort and free space

Finishing the interior of the model completelycorresponds to the class of the machine and is made of high-quality materials. In particular, the interior uses nice to touch elements made of genuine leather and plastic. Front seats look just gorgeous. Moreover, numerous reviews indicate that their design provides an optimal fit for all people, regardless of their growth and physique. Thanks to their convenient profile with pronounced lateral support, the driver does not tire out when traveling for long distances and comfortably feels in sharp turns. As for the convenience of the passengers who are behind, they will like the small height of the transmission tunnel. In addition, flatter words deserve and the local reserve of space on all fronts. The only thing that can cause them to complain is the lack of their own glass windows and a narrow doorway. Both of these nuances, according to representatives of the manufacturer, are associated with a very bizarre and unusual form of the rear doors of the Citroen DS4.

Citroen DS4 owner reviews

Cargo area

The useful volume of the trunk of the car is385 liters. Together with this, this indicator is not limiting. The fact is that if necessary, the rear seat back can be folded. In this case, the free space of the luggage compartment increases to a mark of 1021 liters. Whatever it was, it should be noted that a perfectly flat platform in this case does not work. In the trunk is also located a subwoofer and a spare wheel. Depending on the version of the assembly, there may be either a full-scale "reserve" or "dock".

Complete sets in Russia

For domestic buyers is envisagedseveral options for the Citroen DS4. The technical characteristics of the simplest power unit (an atmospheric four-cylinder 120-horsepower engine with a capacity of 1.6 liters) allow to accelerate the car to "hundreds" in 10.8 seconds. The maximum speed of the car, at the same time, is 193 km / h. This engine functions in combination with a mechanical gearbox in five stages. As to the size of fuel consumption, its indicator in the mixed cycle is 6.2 liters for every hundred kilometers of run.

drives Citroen DS4

Interesting and more productive modificationThe mentioned installation is its forced version equipped with a direct fuel injection system. The power of the motor is equal to 150 "horses". This version of the engine works in tandem with a six-band "automatic". This combination allows you to accelerate the car to a mark of 212 km / h, while to reach a mark of 100 km / h it takes 9 seconds. As evidenced by the reviews of car owners, for every hundred kilometers of travel in this version, an average of 7.7 liters of fuel is needed.

The senior gasoline unit for Russia has become"Four" volume of 1.6 liters, the highlight of which can be called a free-fuel system for the formation of a fuel mixture. In addition, the engine boasts a two-channel turbine and a direct injection system. The power of the unit reaches a mark of 200 horsepower. This version of the car is assembled by a mechanical box with six steps. The maximum speed of the car is 235 km / h, and for acceleration to "hundreds" it takes 7.9 seconds. With such impressive figures, the size of fuel consumption can be called very modest - 6.4 liters per hundred kilometers.

Two-liter turbocharged diesel engine,which develops 160 horsepower, is crowned with a line of power units for domestic Citroen DS4 customers. The characteristics of this engine can accelerate the car to a mark of 100 km / h in 9.3 seconds. At the same time, its maximum speed is limited to 192 km / h. Impressive can be called and the measure of economy, because in the mixed cycle for each "hundred" takes an average of only 5.7 liters of fuel.

Citroen DS4 specifications


The car is built on the PSA PF2 platform.It should be noted that earlier it already had a good time in the Citroen C4 and Peugeot 3008. The front uses a suspension type "McPherson", and from behind - a curled beam. Regardless of the configuration option, all Citroen DS4 cars are front-wheel drive. As evidenced by the feedback of the owners of the car, on the high-speed arc it holds the road surface very confidently, and small irregularities are almost not felt. Along with this, many of them note the rather loud work of the suspension, especially if we compare the noise with that of German cars from this class. Whatever it was, thanks to this relative simplicity, servicing the "Frenchman" is much easier and cheaper.

Citroen DS4 specifications


Speaking about safety of model Citroen DS4, followsnote the fact that a number of programs are designed to save the life of the driver, passengers, and third parties in emergency situations. Among them, it should be noted ESP, ABS, a system of assistance and brake force control, a unit for optimizing driving in difficult circumstances and traction control. In addition, the car is equipped with disc brakes eighth generation on all wheels and airbags.


As for the cost of the Citroen DS4, the pricecar in the salons of domestic dealers depends on the configuration. The simplest version of the model will cost 1.149 million rubles. In this case, the standard set includes an onboard computer, cruise control, an electronic immobilizer, a pair of airbags in front, heated front seats, climate control in two zones, as well as many other systems that have become familiar to modern motorists. For the modification, equipped with a diesel engine, potential buyers will have to shell out almost one and a half million rubles. In the maximum performance, the cost of the car can reach the level of 1.594 million rubles. In this case, the equipment includes 18-inch branded discs, a rear-view camera for parking assistance, leather trim, as well as spectacular aluminum pedals.

Citroen DS4 price


In summary, the model should be called brightan example of a car in which the developers were able to provide an almost perfect balance of reliability, ergonomics and comfort. Being easy to operate, the machine has become an excellent solution for operation in domestic roads, affordable for many average Russians.

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