Which car to buy for 200,000? Buy a car in Russia: prices, expert advice, reviews


So, which car to buy for 200,000? In fact, there are a lot of unreal options. As they say - for every taste and color. German, Japanese, Russian, American - any one can buy a car for such money. Well, for a more complete understanding of the topic it is worth to tell about a few of the most popular options.

what car to buy for 200000

Small class

Talking about what machine to buy for 200,000rubles, it should be noted first of all those cars that belong to a small class. They, perhaps, are the most budgetary among all. For example, Hyundai Getz. This car was developed in the late 90's, and in 2002 it was already presented in Geneva.

Low price and more or less good quality -Here's how you can characterize this car. By the way, the model has one more undoubted advantage, but it consists in a variety of complete sets. There are several versions, and all have different engines and gearboxes.

B-class is also a budget option. Renault Logan - a good car for 200,000 rubles. It entered the market in the early 2000s and cost about $ 9000 in a new state. In total there are two complete sets - 1.4 and 1.6-liter engines. Their power is low - one 75 l. with., and another 90. But such a machine will cost inexpensively, especially now. Two hundred thousand would be too much.

car for 200000 rubles

German representatives

If we talk about what kind of car for 200,000rubles is really worthwhile, then it will definitely be a car belonging to German production. All motorists are well aware that it was under such brands as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Opel, Volkswagen, and the most reliable and high-quality cars came out.

I would also like to mention the Mercedes W124. Such cars are sold from 100 thousand to half a million. But these are very expensive models, such as, for example, the "500th" wolf, on which fans of budget machines will simply have to go broke. But the most suitable option may be a model of 1991 for 130 000 rubles. Or, for example, E200 - just for two hundred thousand. 220 liters. with., the maximum speed - 220 km / h, leather interior, stunning appearance ... Such a car is worth buying! The feedback that Mercedes owners leave about this car really inspires the purchase of the same "iron horse".

And you can even buy a version in the 123rd body- it is a model younger than the 124th "Mercedes", and the characteristics they have almost the same. Only outwardly different. And then, the 123rd Mercedes is a rarity. Yes, and it is in good condition about 80 000 rubles. So it turns out quite budgetary, but nevertheless a respectable prestigious option.

Golf class

Talking about what machine to buy for 200,000rubles, it is worth mentioning the well-known "Ford Focus". Moderately powerful, but reliable - that's how it can be characterized. The engines are several - 1.4-liter, as well as 1.6 and 1.8 liters. Capacity varies from 75 to 131 liters. from. There are versions with automatic transmissions, however, 5-speed mechanical ones are, of course, more popular. What about prices? The most budgetary model is 2000/2001. Its cost is 155 000 rubles. The most expensive was made in 2003 - for it it is necessary to give 186 000 r. But many do not dare to acquire "Focus", because it is very expensive to replace shock absorbers. Although rarely a car "aged" does not need any repair work - even if it is cosmetic.

 cost of machinery

Volkswagen Passat - budget option

A little higher was said about the German representatives,but then attention was focused on the world-famous "Mercedes". Now I would like to talk about the Volkswagen Passat. That's what car to buy for 200,000 can be easily. This car is the fifth generation, which was published in 1996. High-quality, stylish interior, a huge number of different options, spacious interior, excellent handling and good engines - that's how you can characterize this car. The model was offered with nine motors, but to date the most popular are the 1.8-liter. Well, the cost of cars "Volkswagen" of this version is about 200 000 rubles. The only nuance that is worth considering: when buying a car, you need to check the pressure in the turbine. If it is weak, then it's worth to be on the alert. Probably, the turbine is out of order. Replacement costs not cheap - about 50 000 rubles.

prices for new cars

Business class cars

Prices for new business cars of many peoplemake you think about how to buy not a new car, but second-hand. Well, the solution is logical, because not all modern cars can boast better characteristics than some "aged" cars. The Volvo S80 deserves special attention. The cost of cars known under this name is about 200 thousand rubles. So what can you tell about this car? So, this is a front-drive business sedan with a presentable appearance. Even today, in the stream of modern cars, it will look profitable. If you look, you can find two versions - with a 2.4 and 2.5 liter engine. In general, the models are "automatic", but in principle, you can find mechanics.

What's the price? Version of 1998 will cost 199 000 rubles, but later models will be more expensive - about 210 000 rubles.

brands of cars

Representatives of the "Venes"

Speaking about the prices for new cars and old ones, I would like toto tell not only about sedans and station wagons. Venes also deserve attention, because there is demand for them. So, we should talk, perhaps, about the Dodge Caravan. If you talk about what car to buy for 200 000 really, then among the Venes the most popular option will be this model. Its main advantage is sliding doors and comfortable armchairs that can move around the salon. Due to this it turns out well to transform salon space, making it even more spacious.

The car is sold in several versions - withmotors for 3 and 2.5 liters. All engines are a V-shaped "six". It is interesting that absolutely all versions of this model came out only with "automatic machines". In normal condition, this car will cost about 200 000 thousand rubles.

car prices in russia

Machine known throughout Russia

Chevrolet Niva - who has not heard about it yetthe car? Many Russians are puzzled by the question of where to buy a car is profitable. Well, this car is sold practically in all cities of our country. It used to be very popular in its time, and these models were bought up very quickly. And the prices for cars in Russia of this brand, by the way, were quite small. And all because the car was created on the basis of VAZ-2123. In the technical plan, the absolutely classic Niva turned out, except in the new equipment. The choice in this case is small - from the boxes only "mechanics", and the motor is only one - for 1.7 liters with 80 "horses". Now the prices for cars in Russia are quite large, but "Niva" is still a budget option. The version of 2003 costs about 150 000 rubles. The most expensive option, in 2006, will cost about 200 000 r.

"Lada Priora" - the queen of Russian roads

Perhaps, among all possible "Lad" model forthe name "Priora" is the most famous and the most purchased. And to this day, "AvtoVAZ" continues to produce new versions of this car, which is so fond of Russian drivers. "Adult" "Priora" will cost just about 200 000 rubles. And moreover, in a good condition. So, for example, a car of 2010, a three-door, with 98 horsepower, with a manual transmission will cost about 200,000. Although there are cheaper Russian cars. The brands of Soviet-made passenger cars do not shine with variety, but among the proposals for the sale of "iron horses" one can find even too budgetary options. 15 000 - yes, for this amount you can buy a car! Much less than originally estimated two hundred thousand. True, it will be the old "Moskvich" or "Zaporozhets", but still some people agree to this. Everyone has different goals, requirements and financial position.

In general, there are a lot of other options. "Toyota", "Audi", "Chevrolet", "Honda", "BMW" - today the choice of used cars is big, so there is an opportunity to buy almost any car. The main thing is that it is suitable for the price and the requirements of the motorist.

where to buy a car is profitable

Cheap car: how not to lose?

And finally, talking about the cost of cars and othersnuances concerning the issue of buying and selling cars, I would like to say how to choose the right model. How not to lose money and not give your money for a completely damaged car, on which a person will go once a week, and all the rest of the time - repair it? The topic is topical, so it's worth to listen to experts in this matter. First of all they advise before buying to take the car to the SRT and give a little money for inspection in order to identify shortcomings. So no one can deceive a potential buyer, and he will know exactly which car he is buying. The second nuance is to inspect the car yourself. It is important that he satisfied the buyer directly. In principle, you can buy a car, if there are no serious shortcomings. For example, problems related to the engine, suspension, battery, fuel tank. All the other little things can easily be called "patch up" - it will come out inexpensively. But with serious problems will have to tinker and spend a lot on their elimination. So you should be vigilant when buying a car.

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