Toyota Dyna is your reliable friend and helper!


Toyota Dyna - compact and reliableMini-truck, which will serve you long and trouble-free with careful operation. It refers to a type of transport that can be used not only for movement, but also for the transport of goods.

toyota dyna
This very spacious car, despiteits external small size, has a high capacity potential. Its power is 133 hp, and the maximum speed is 105 km / h. In the cockpit there are seats for three people. The length of the car - 4280 mm, width - 1695 mm, height - 2055 mm. The type of fuel consumed depends on the brand and year of manufacture of the car. It can be gasoline or diesel fuel.
toyota dune
The complete set includes automatic ora manual transmission, which also depends on the year of production. Toyota Dyna is very maneuverable, and its carrying capacity exceeds 1.5 tons. The car is unpretentious in operation, easily withstands winter frosts, roads with holes and potholes. But it should be remembered that this is not a jeep, so it's easy to sit down in a snowdrift or a quagmire. The car is ideal for companies that manufacture and sell products, for example: furniture, plastic windows, building products, etc. The fuel consumption of the Toyota Dune is relatively small, and to oil it is not demanding. The domestic "Gazelle" is a big competition for this car. This trend is typical for the Russian car market, because spare parts for a domestic car are easier to buy, and they are cheaper. Toyota Dyna has many advantages: it is less likely to be repaired during operation, the coating of parts is almost not corroded, it has a quiet motor, relatively inexpensive parts, low fuel consumption, high load capacity, comfortable cabin cabin and so on. Like any car model, Toyota Dyna has some disadvantages. The main one is a rigid suspension.
toyota dune reviews
Controversial for many motorists remainsThe steering wheel is located on the right hand side of this model. Some car owners do not consider this a disadvantage, but on the contrary, they assure that it is very convenient. Of the small errors can be noted quite rigid seats, but for most people this is not a problem. In general, this model deserves attention. Its merits are much greater than the shortcomings. The machine can work in hot weather conditions and at temperatures up to minus 35 °. For a person involved in the construction business, it will be an ideal option for Toyota Dune, the feedback of many owners is a confirmation.

Japanese cars have long taken the leadposition in the market of vehicles, due to impeccable quality and reliability. Therefore, buying a mini truck Toyota Dyna, you not only justify the funds invested in it, but also get a reliable and faithful assistant in the work. The quality of this car is confirmed by its many years of use in conditions in the harsh Siberian winter and the hot climate of Central Asia. The new models of this brand are equipped with more power, lifting capacity and an improved exhaust gas filtration system.

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