Motor show "Armada Motors", Moscow: reviews


All questions related to the purchase of a new machine,are quite serious. Here it is necessary to find out about the seller and his reputation. Still need to choose the most optimal model for the buyer, and not too expensive, so that you can make payment on time. To address in such car salon in which it is possible to count on all conveniences, - the big success. This article tells about the motor show "Armada Motors" in Moscow. Photos and reviews will be presented below.

armada motors moscow reviews

Description of car center

In "Armada Motors" anyone can find the best forhis car: from the Zhiguli to the six-hundredth Mercedes, from a miniature car, where somehow can accommodate four, to a huge one, on the seats of which will comfortably accommodate a large family. Here, just eyes run from the daily wealth of choice! And the sale of cars is not the only activity of the company. She also buys cars, exchanges them for Trade-In, sells them on credit, and also settles all the legal matters that can only be connected with road transport, for which he receives a lot of positive feedback. "Armada Motors" (Moscow) - a good interior, but also it is necessary to look at it.

Types of services

What specific service can be obtained in"Armada Motors," that this auto show is so popular? The main purpose of contacting customers is the purchase of cars. But this is not the only service that can be obtained here. So what else can you use in "Armada Motors"? What other services provide so much convenience to visitors? There are a lot of these services:

  • disposal of old and unfit for sale car;
  • planned vehicle inspections;
  • credit for any car;
  • Advice for professionals when choosing and purchasing a car;
  • car insurance;
  • support, as well as support for trade transactions for any cars;
  • registration of cars.
    armada motors moscow reviews from buyers

In a sense, there is nothing unusual insimilar list of services, they are rendered in most of the automobile salons. But at the same time it is in "Armada Motors" that all of them are of high quality, so that the client can spend much less time and nerve cells.


For today there is an opportunity to buymachine without a long accumulation of funds. Now the car can be purchased on credit. It became safe for the life, property and prosperity of the buyer and his loved ones.

What documents do you need to have with you to takecredit? Just a certificate of income, a passport of a Russian citizen, and, of course, a driver's license. The loan rate is 3.5%, and the preliminary payment, although rather desirable, is not required at all. The loan period can be chosen from three months to seven years. The application is considered only one working day. Payments can be up to 3.5 million rubles. You can also make an advance payment of an old car.

Instead of the usual one, you can make an express loan,for which you need 30-40 minutes of time, but only two documents: a passport and a driving license. For all other conditions this type of loan is similar to the usual one.

motor show armada motors moscow reviews

Sometimes there is an opportunity to take advantage of specialcredit terms. This opportunity offered to customers of the car showroom "Armada Motors" is quite important. Among such conditions is, for example:

  • programs without CASCO;
  • lending to regional residents;
  • issuance of a loan without a statement of income;
  • the possibility of lending in the bank where there is a desire to make a purchase;
  • the term for making payments up to 7 years;
  • absence of compulsory advance payment.

Contacts of car center

The address of the motor show "Armada Motors": Moscow, Academician Yangel Street, Varshavskoe shosse, 152А (ТЦ СОМБРЕРО - 2 floor).

Schedule: 9:00 to 20:00, without lunch and weekends.

Price list

At what prices you can buy cars in the showroom"Armada Motors" in Moscow? In the reviews, buyers indicate that the auto center sells cars at affordable prices for the middle class. This is quite important for most of its clients, and there are a lot of praise reviews about it. In "Armada Motors" (Moscow) you can buy high-quality models to an affordable price.

For what reason is the price here becomingthe decisive factor? The answer is simple: it's not enough just to find a car for your needs, taste and purse. You still need to have enough money to buy a car you like. Despite the fact that there are cars that are too expensive for most people, more than half of the car prices do not seem to be so overpriced to potential customers.

Armada Motors Moskva Warsaw Highway reviews

Trade-In Service

Between the options "to spend money on repairing the irona horse that has worked for years "and" sell it for something better ", many car owners usually choose the second one, because it seems to them more profitable, judging by their feedback on" Armada Motors "in Moscow.

In Western countries, no one is surprised by the systemtrade-In, which is the exchange of one machine for another with an additional payment, if the second will be more expensive. Now it appeared in the automotive market of Russia, and it can be used, for example, in Armada Motors. Advantages of this service are immediately visible: the client does not have to pay a lot of specialists, intermediaries, do their own ads, generally spend a lot of time and effort. He now has enough simple treatment in the showroom - and do not need any special fuss with the sale of the old car, it is enough to only exchange one car for another company, pay the residual cost - and is free, like the wind. All the fuss with resellers-intermediaries, as well as everything else takes on the company.

The trade-In service is the best option forany client who knows the price of time and money, of course, if it is provided by a company known for its honesty. And the one that delves into what is needed for its clients, offers them the most suitable terms of the contract, approaching this issue individually.

Intermediaries of a beneficial exchange for the client are notoffer, because they want to stay in profit from this particular transaction, and they do not care about the interests of someone else's for them. Moreover, intermediaries seek to find in the machine sold by the client at least the most microscopic flaws, since this will allow them to bring down the price. Then the exchange of the machine does not justify itself either for money or for time.

motor show moscow motorcars

All kinds of guarantees

"Armada Motors" sells used machines only with a year of technical guarantee.

In order to provide a legal guarantee, employees carefully check each machine on all search bases, do just as thorough forensic and legal examinations.

Company "Armada Motors" does not work with broken onesmachines. When buying a car here the customer can be completely calm about the geometry of the body. The car was not in that place any more or less severe defects.

Each car in the "Armada Motors" in the mandatoryorder to carry out complex diagnostics at the company's stations. Then, based on the results, all the necessary repairs are done, and only then the car is put up for sale. The client is always familiarized with the results of the diagnosis.

Negative feedback on the motor show "Armada Motors" in Moscow

A potential buyer who read reviewscustomers about the salon "Armada Motors", the desire to use the services of this company may be lost. This is because, in addition to positive feedback, there are many negative.

armada motor moscow photo review

You can find many unpleasant reviews about "Armada Motors" (Moscow), about a sudden increase in the rate, approved by then the loan. It grew threefold, or even fourfold.

A lot of customers are enraged by the frank imposition of paid equipment: employees install this on the machine, which is sometimes unnecessary, and flatly refuse to remove it.

Still, judging by some reviews of customers, in"Armada Motors" (Moscow), they put pressure in the cabin. For example, this or that employee is lying to the client in the eye, "warning" about the damage to his credit history in case of refusal to purchase a car.


Of course, everyone is free to decide whether to go to himbuy a car in the salon of "Armada Motors". Customers write a variety of reviews about "Armada Motors" in Moscow on the Warsaw highway. But the real quality of evaluating dealer work can be learned only in one way: by trying to use his services independently. There is a chance that Armada Motors will be the best showroom for someone.

Finally, it is worth emphasizing again the important thing: buying a car is very responsible.

armada motors moscow reviews

When concluding a trade agreement about auto,it is necessary to carefully read through the entire text of the contract, even if the employees of the car dealership will very much demand to hurry with this. Every item that calls at least a hint of doubt should always be asked, read more reviews and a description of "Armada Motors" (Moscow). It is also necessary to check whether the machine purchased is in the registry of pledges from the notary. And even the preliminary fee is paid only after it is possible to look at the car with your own eyes, and also try driving performance.

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