Bentley Continental GT - the luxury of prim English


The world's most conservative country,An example of stiffness, classicism and commitment to established traditions is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. One of the world's best education systems, a quality product called "English football" and excellent high-end cars - that's what these islands are famous for far beyond. Enormous envy of other states is caused by luxury four-wheeled vehicles, the production of which is famous for the United Kingdom. The birthplace of the fantastic Bentley Continental GT is also England.

bentley continental gt

The history of the appearance of this steel symbolprosperity and power is almost a hundred years. In the distant 1919 the legendary company Bentley Motors was opened. Like many great concerns, this organization was named after its founder, Walter Owen Bentley. The motive for the company was Walter's ingenious thought of using pistons to improve engine performance. The best experience in the implementation of the test engine was successful: after the war, the first experimental vehicle, Experimental Bentley No. 1, was born, which was the great-grandfather of all the cars of this company, including the Bentley Continental GT. Successful tests laid the foundation for the development and development of the now popular brand.

Without thinking for a long time, immediately after the opening of the companyWalter releases the first brainchild, equipped with a three-liter engine. For this, it was nicknamed "Bentley 3 liters". This little girl, who won the audience with her design and characteristics at the exhibition in London in 1919, was born on the famous Baker Street. It was thanks to this steel "swallow" that for the first time in the world the car was given a characteristic, based on its volume, not capacity.

bentley continental gt

After a while, Bentley was absorbeda giant automotive monster Rolls-Royce, which is famous for its "tame" luxurious handsome. This company has focused on developing the brand in the direction of the best characteristics for sports cars. It is believed that the Rolls Royce - a car of a representative class for travel with a chauffeur, and Bentley - for a wealthy motorist.

Having gone through a long and hard way of winning a specialthe situation in the world car market, at the present stage, any of the machines of this company, for example the Bentley Continental GT, is a magnificent testament to not only the luxury and prosperity of the owner, but also his love for speed. This rule is followed by the German concern Volkswagen, who took this brand under its cozy wing after the reorganization of Rolls-Roys.

Bentley Continental GT was released in 2006,stunning the audience with its characteristics and unique design. It was this "steel" beast that became the prototype for the creation of subsequent generations of cars produced by prim, but adorable British luxury. Exclusive design, luxurious forms and soft bending of the body - this is the external beauty that attracts car enthusiasts so much. From under the bonnet of the Bentley Continental GT, it is torn to the will of a herd of 560 horses, whose temper is restrained by a six-liter powerful W12 engine. The automatic six-speed gearbox equipped with a tiptronic helps to feel one with this bright and unique car.

bentley continental gt speed

On the basis of this powerful and impetuous apparatuswas also created Bentley Continental GT Speed. As planned by the manufacturers, it is this model that will become the fastest convertible in the world. The obstinate powerful steel monster, which develops a maximum speed of up to 330 km / h, will be the last in the Continental line.

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