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The popular SKODA Octavia Combinow is presented in a new image. When it was created, the manufacturer introduced new technologies taking into account the opinions of customers of previous versions. The car retained the advantages of the previous version, but now it is more functional, safer, more quality and equipped with new design elements. This car is unique in its style - modern and classic, roomy and attractive, original and catchy. Only some lines of the body and the corporate symbol SKODA speak of similarity with the previous generation.

skoda octavia combi
It is impossible not to emphasize the appearance. SKODA Octavia - this confidently expressed grille, elegantly outlined lines of the body, a new, modern shape of the headlights, a spore with reflectors and a wide rear bumper, emphasizing the strength and power of the car. The front bumper is also modified, now it smoothly passes into the radiator grille, the front lights have a transparent strip with the name of the car model. The rear lights did not change much, they stayed in the form of Box C, but with new shades.

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The station wagon grew and in dimensions 9 cm in length,4,5 in width, also as much as 11 cm added wheelbase. The increase in dimensions contributed to the expansion of the cabin. Passengers of the rear car seats will now be more convenient, because in this indicator SKODA Octavia Combi is the best in its segment. The luggage compartment of the car is just a giant size, with folded seats it will be - 1740 liters, and with raised - 610 liters. Ratings for the outside of the luggage compartment are installed on the roof to carry the oversized cargo. There is another nice trifle - the manufacturer has equipped the car with a set of useful accessories for the salon and luggage compartment.

SKODA Octavia Combi reviews collects excellent, it'snot only words about quality, but also confirmation of the reliability of car engines. In the new generation they are also economical. The modernized model is produced with four types of petrol power units - 1.4 liters (102 hp), popular - 1.6 l (122 hp) and 1.8 l (152 hp), fuel consumption which does not exceed 7.9 liters of gasoline per 100 km. And with a diesel 2.0 TDI, whose power is 140 hp, with a diesel fuel consumption of 5.4 liters per 100 km.

The new version of SKODA Octavia Combi is not badis equipped with various security systems, for example, holding the car in the roadway, detecting driver fatigue, a perfect emergency braking system, adaptive cruise control with distance. Depending on the equipment in the station wagon, up to 9 airbags may be present.

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The car is available in three trim levels.Basic Ambition includes - heated front seats, a pack for smokers, an on-board computer, air conditioning, a multimedia system, two airbags with a shut-off function, all electric windows, preparation for a child seat and much more. The car even in the basic configuration is well equipped. The Elegance and Laurin & Klement accessories will be supplemented by an assistant for climbing, cast discs, climate and cruise control, curtain airbags, etc.
That's it, Skoda Octavia Combi. The price of the basic version starts at 759,000 rubles, and the most complete equipment will cost - 1,134,000 rubles.

The updated model Octavia Comb is an excellent family car, safe enough to go on a long trip, and versatile to carry a dimensional cargo.

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