The device of the engine ZMZ 406


The engine ZMZ 406 is a kind of a transitional link between the old carburetor engine ZMZ 402 and its improved injector version of the model 405.

ZMZ 406
It is strange that this unit is marked with a largevalue, rather than its successor. An inexperienced motorist will think that the ZMZ 406 was developed much later than the 405th and is more productive. Well, let's look at how this 406th motor differs.

a brief description of

This engine belongs to a series of 4-cylindercarburetor gasoline installations. ZMZ 406 has a linear arrangement of cylinders. The number of camshafts in the cylinder head - 2. The procedure of the cylinders: 1-2-4-2. The working volume of the engine is 2.3 liters, the power is 130 horsepower.

engine ZMZ 406


Based on figure 2, we see that the engine ZMZ 406 consists of:

  1. The oil pan.
  2. Oil collector.
  3. The oil pump.
  4. Pump of the pump drive.
  5. Crankshaft.
  6. The connecting rod.
  7. The driven gear of the oil pump drive.
  8. Covers of the same device.
  9. The drive gear of the oil pump drive.
  10. Pistons.
  11. Cylinder block gaskets.
  12. The exhaust valve.
  13. Inlet pipe with a receiver.
  14. Cylinder head.
  15. The camshaft of the intake valve.
  16. Hydraulic pusher.
  17. The camshaft of the exhaust valve.
  18. Cylinder head covers.
  19. Indicator of oil level.
  20. The exhaust manifold.
  21. The exhaust valve.
  22. The block of cylinders.
  23. Drain plugs.

Note: the numbering of engine parts ZMZ 406 coincides with the designation of the devices in Fig. 2.

As for the development, this unit waswas designed jointly with the German company Mercedes, due to which the engineers managed to increase the service interval up to 15 thousand and significantly increase the service life of the main engine parts. As practice shows, ZMZ 406 can serve up to 300-400 thousand kilometers without any boring of blocks and replacement of cylinder-piston groups. However, this value largely depends on the state of the chain. If it comes to malfunction, the entire motor will fail. Hence this disagreement: in some, the engine can serve 400,000 without problems, while others break down after a hundred. But unequivocally participation of German colleagues-miners positively influenced reliability of the given unit, after all in comparison with 402-m the motor its service resource has been increased almost twice.

Repair of the engine ZMZ 406 is a very serious thing,because the process of boring parts is complicated by a further 16 valves. Therefore, due to the complicated construction, the price for overhauling this motor is from 1 to 2 thousand dollars. However, it should not be forgotten that 16 valves provide excellent dynamics to the car and serve much longer than at 402 m.

engine repair ZMZ 406

In conclusion, I want to say one thing:Zavolzhskiy 406-th engine really passed the stage of evolution and became an example for imitation of many Russian automakers. Its surprisingly large service life and excellent power characteristics brought Gorky and Zavolzhsky plants closer to the present. And even in comparison with the American "Cummins", which is complemented with ZMZ all "GAZel" and "Volga", it does not lose its popularity, and the demand for it is growing.

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