The most reliable engine for a car


When buying a car, each driverwondered which is the most reliable engine. This factor determines the safety and durability of vehicle operation. It should be noted that each motor has its own characteristics regarding reliability and resistance to various impacts. Let's look at which engines can claim to be really the best.

the most reliable engine

The best among diesels

First, we determine which is the most reliableengine among diesel varieties. Let's just say that in recent years, cars with such units are becoming more and more popular. They are distinguished by their sporting character, speed, and stability of their work. If you drive a lot and often, diesel engines for these purposes are simply irreplaceable. And if the motor of the old generation, he has a good safety margin in the simplicity of construction.

Mercedes-Benz OM602

The most reliable diesel engine forMercedes-Benz is from OM602 family. such motors are represented by 5-cylinder versions. They have two valves per cylinder, a mechanical injection pump. The drivers note that this engine is leading in the following characteristics: the mileage of the car and the resistance to environmental influences. At not the greatest power (90-130 hp), the units have always been considered the most reliable and economical. These engines were put on Mercedes cars in the body of W124, W201 (MB190), SUVs G-class, vans T1 and Sprinter. If you follow the fuel equipment and attachments in time, these diesel engines can "wind" a huge number of kilometers.

most reliable car engines


Probably the most reliable engines of carsmodern cars are created in Bavaria. In addition to durability, they are characterized by a sporting spirit, which in principle changes the image of the diesel engine. Engineers at BMW have been able to prove to the world that such an aggregate can be fast, and it can be put on machines of any type. In cars of mark BMW there are the most different power units, and diesel motors became popular not so long ago.

Which engine "BMW" is the most reliable amongdiesel? Specialists focus on the turbocharged 4-cylinder BMW N47D Twin Turbo, which has a capacity of 2.0 liters. He was recognized as the winner in the category "Best New Developments". Note that this motor is put on a huge number of models. And in general, buyers prefer petrol engines, and not diesel, which can freeze in winter.


The most reliable engine "BMW" in 2016 isBMW B58, which is put on cars models 340i F30. This is a 6-cylinder powerplant, which gradually equips new models of BMW cars. Let's notice, that company BMW systematically introduces in the vehicles both petrol, and diesel engines of the modular family. Their feature - the unified components and a single half-liter working volume of one cylinder. In this case, hatchbacks BMW since 2015 are equipped with engines 118i with turbotroka 1.5 liters at a power of 136 liters. from. A coupe and cabriolets of the second series - diesel engines of 2.0 liters.

The most reliable engines of carsBMW, according to experts, is not gasoline, but diesel units TwinPower Turbo with three or four cylinders. Motors B47 and B37 are supplemented by an injection system and turbochargers, which can change the geometry. In the same 2015, BMW models were supplemented with a new generation four-generation four-liter four-cylinder. from. Thus, the engines on the BMW are put reliable and high-power, albeit simple in design.

Note that the average life of BMW motorsis estimated at 150,000 km, as their parts are not always distinguished by outstanding quality. In addition, not all models in the line have factory repair dimensions. Therefore, there may be problems with the replacement of power units.

the most reliable engine bmw


Which Audi engines are the most reliable? There is no definitive answer. But both users and experts distinguish gasoline engines 1.4 liters with a capacity of 150 liters. with., 190 liters. from. and 252 liters. from. And the latter is supplemented by the all-wheel drive Quattro. Among the diesel units, four-cylinder TDI engines, whose capacity is 150 liters, are in demand. from. and 190 liters. from. In addition to these, a 6-speed manual gearbox is installed.

Another motor, which can be identified as the mostreliable engine "Audi", - A4 Avant g-tron 2.0 TFSI (170 hp). Its feature is the ability to work on compressed natural gas. As for the "Audi A6" model, users here give out a three-liter atmosphere. Its reliability is explained by the old production technology and cast-iron sleeves. True, such a motor has not been produced since 2008.

which Audi engines are the most reliable


It is noteworthy, but the Volkswagen brand has the mostDiesel engines are considered reliable aggregates. In all the engines, the most reliable Volkswagen engine is the 5-cylinder AXD with a working volume of 1.8 liters. In the opinion of both drivers and specialists, this motor is good with excellent power capabilities with a fairly modest fuel consumption. In most cases, this unit is equipped with Volkswagen-Tiguan.

It's not so easy to determine the most reliable engineamong gasoline configurations. In this list it is necessary to note a stable 2-liter AWM engine, which shows a power of 140 liters. from. They are equipped with models such as Jetta, Tiguan. Among the advantages of the motor users note excellent behavior for any style of driving and on any road surface.

For a long time the most reliable engine was the V6. Among its advantages, we distinguished excellent dynamics in motion, power, rapid acceleration. The unit is liked by those who often travel to nature, where the roads do not differ in quality and evenness. The most reliable engines among the six-cylinder models - ABU with a volume of 1.8 liters. With a simple design, the unit is good for drivers who are just starting to drive a car. In addition, it is balanced. When the motor is running, there is no vibration of the main mechanisms and assemblies. This engine is able to last even at a mileage of more than a million kilometers.

the most reliable Volkswagen engine

Japanese production

The most reliable engines have always been producedJapanese brands. We offer an overview of the most popular and the best in terms of quality and reliability of motors. Probably, the most stable in the behavior can be considered the unit Toyota 3S-FE. Being reliable, it is still unpretentious. It has a volume of 2.0 liters, 4 cylinders and 6 valves. This engine was installed on models such as Camry, Carina, Corona, Avensis, Altezza. According to the mechanics, the motors of this series are remarkable for their ability to withstand any loads. Besides, it's easy to repair it due to a thoughtful design. Toyota Motor of the 1-AZ series, whose resource is about 200 000 km, showed itself well in operation.

the most reliable engines

The most reliable car engines can beselect among the lineup for Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi 4G63 is a power unit that has been constantly changing, improved, due to which it was equipped with a timing adjustment system, sophisticated supercharging systems. It is noteworthy that the motor is put not only on Mitsubishi, but also on cars of brands Huyndai, Kia, Brilliance. A million kilometers of mileage can reach the engines without a boost, although the turbocharged variations have a great working life. There are no serious "illnesses" for the Mitsubishi 4B11 engine, which has a resource of 200,000 km. Due to the high quality of the elements, the simplicity of construction, the absence of complex parts, a high level of reliability of the unit is achieved.

Honda D-series - representative of Japanesefamily of motors, in a series of which more than 10 models of motors in the volume of 1.2-1.7 liters. In the opinion of experts, these are almost the most non-extinct models capable of showing combat character with a small working resource. Among the novelties can be identified engine Honda series R20. It features high quality parts, a simple valve adjustment scheme. The most reliable representative of Japanese engines can rightfully be considered the Subaru EJ20 series. It is still put on some models of cars, however, only those that are used in Japan. The resource of this power unit is 250,000 km, the quality of the parts is high. True, the original spare parts to the motor are not cheap.

Audi's most reliable engine

Opel 20ne

Among the reliable models can be noted fromfamily of engines Opel 20ne. Its peculiarity is that it served much longer than the cars for which it was used. The simple design consists of 8 valves, a belt drive, a simple distributed injection system. This, according to experts, and affects the longevity of the motor. The C20XE is another engine that belongs to the Opel family. It was installed on racing cars and earned good reviews for the quality, stability and simple design. True, today this power unit is used to equip vehicles infrequently.

the most reliable car engines

Class struggle

All modern motors can be divided into classes inaccording to the classes of vehicles on which they are put. And this affects their technical and operational properties. So, in a small car class, which, by the way, is the most common in our country, is distinguished by its practicality and the absence of any major innovations. For cars in this segment most often put the K7M engine from Renault, which is characterized by the highest reliability rates. Her recipe, by the way, is very simple: the engine has a volume of 1.6 liters, 8 valves, but does not have any complicated parts and mechanisms. On the second and third places in a small class, you can put the power units of the VAZ-21116 and Renault K4M.

In the middle segment, a leader can rightlybe considered a K4M from Renault. True, the cars themselves are distinguished by large size and power, equipped with automatic transmission, which increases the power and engine requirements. Among the cheap but practical engines in the middle class can be noted Z18XER, which is placed on cars l Astra J, Chevrolet Cruse, Opel Zafira.

On reliability in second place in the middle classWe put a series of motors Hyundai / Kia / Mitsubushi G4KD / 4B11, which are always among the leaders in quality and performance. Their working volume is 2.0 l, there is a system for adjusting the timing of the timing, a simple power system, high build quality. Such motors are put on any cars of sufficiently high power and manufacturability: Hyundai i30, Kia Cerato, Mitsubishi ASX, Hyundai Sonata.

the most reliable diesel engine

Junior Business Class

In the younger business class can be identifiedtwo-liter engines. For example, 2AR-FE capacity of 165-180 liters. with., which is equipped with a Toyota Camry. This is a reliable and practical power unit. Being simple, it is of high quality. In the second place in the business class are the G4KE / 4B12 Hyundai / Kia / Mitsubishi engines. Cars in this segment differ in size and power. Accordingly, the engine must meet the requirements of reliable operation and manufacturability.

Senior business class

In the senior business class are prestigioussedans, whose maintenance is not cheap. Yes, and the motors themselves are complex and powerful. The leaders in this class Lexus: engines 2GR-FE and 2GR-FSE are put on the model of this brand and premium SUVs. Operation of the motor, according to users and experts, is not distinguished by the presence of problems.

In second place in this class is the Volvo B6304T2 -a turbo engine that is cheap and easy to operate. In third place is the Infiniti Q70 VQVQ37VHR. It attracts attention and power, and glorious performance, and reliability, which has developed historically. As for the cars of the executive class, there will have to do without a rating, as their operation and maintenance fly into a pretty penny. Accordingly, the equipment of such machines is up to the mark, but it requires serious investments.


Thus, almost every carbrand or class can be equipped with reliable, and therefore hassle-free in operation engines. When choosing a car, be sure to find out everything you can about its motor. After all, the durability of operation of the entire vehicle depends on its quality and reliability. True, many motors are no longer used to equip modern cars.

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