Volvo 940, Swedish phenomenon


Volvo 940 - the most successful model from the 900 thThe series, produced by the Swedish concern Volvo. The car has incorporated the constructive merits of its predecessors, most notably the similarity of the car with the model of the previous Volvo 740 series. The front independent suspension of the 740 model, the instrument panel and the main interior components, the seats with backrests and door upholstery have changed without changes. However, in the spacious cabin of the Volvo 940, new solutions also appeared, which significantly increased the comfort level of the car.

Volvo 940
In comfortable, ergonomic seats and a lower partthe backrest was electrically heated, the general scheme of heating the car was improved by installing modular deflectors for better circulation of warm air flows. Simultaneously with the increase in the level of comfort in the cabin, the designers have strengthened the safety of the Volvo 940. In the doors appeared anti-shock ribs that prevent deformation of the door profile and reduce the risk of injury to the door. Seat belts were of inertial type, the most effective. Head restraints, adjustable in height, were mounted on the back of the rear seat. And, at last, in a back seat the child armchair which has organically entered in the general picture of interior has been mounted.

940 reviews
Externally, the Volvo 940, reviews of which have always beenpositive, looks quite impressive, with its impressive dimensions, the length of 4870 and the width of 1750 mm, the car does not produce the impression of heaviness, its exterior is dominated by light fast lines. In the shape of the car there is dynamism, and this determines the style of the Volvo 940. Compared to the exterior design of the 740, the Volvo 940 has rounded sides, which gives the car a more modern look. However, the common feature for all Volvo cars is the angularity, it is still preserved in the outlines of the Volvo 940 body. As the car is once and for all assigned to the representative class, clear contours match the reputation of the car as best as possible, its unique appearance is always recognizable.

Volvo 940 specifications
Volvo 940, the characteristics of which are similar totechnical parameters of the model 740, is the last rear-wheel drive car of the group. Its release lasted from 1991 for seven years, and in early 1998 the car was discontinued. The car was assembled in several plants in Sweden, Belgium and Canada in two versions: a five-seater four-door sedan and a five-seat five-door wagon. The engines on the Volvo 940 were installed in several types, mostly petrol, ranging from 2.0 to 2.3 liters, ranging from 80 to 115 horsepower. The large dimensions of the car meant a power unit of medium power with an optimum gear ratio, which excludes the forced high-speed mode of motion. No harsh sports body movements Volvo 940 was not planned. The cars of the executive class are characterized by smooth running. The transmission was also designed for use in a quiet operating mode. The Volvo 940 was equipped with an automatic four-speed gearbox, as well as a five-speed manual transmission.

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