Winter tires "Michelin": reviews of the owners


The products of the French tire brand have long beenis on the market and managed to win the respect of many motorists. The manufacturer offers a huge selection of rubber for any season. In this article we will consider the most popular models and reviews about the winter tires "Michelin".

Manufacturer Information

The French company Michelin is one of thethe very first manufacturers of rubber products. The first steps the brand began to make back in 1829 in the small town of Clermont-Ferrand, where the headquarters of Michelin is now located.

The cyclist, who participated in the marathon in 1891and came to the factory with a request to repair tires, completely changed the fate of the brand. Despite the fact that the development of a pneumatic tire belongs to the famous company Dunlop, Eduard Michelin was going to create a more advanced product. And he succeeded! In the same year, the Michelin brothers patented a pneumatic tire, the repair of which required only 15 minutes.

winter tires michelin reviews

With the increasing popularity of cars Frenchthe brand began to produce rubber for them. The Michelin tires were used at the first self-propelled crews with eclectic and steam engines. The rapidly increasing demand for cars positively influenced the incomes of the tire manufacturer. In 1894, the main symbol of the company was born: Bibendum, a man of tires.

At present, Michelin-based plants are located all over the world. The largest of them are in Spain, USA, Japan, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia.

The lineup

The French tire brand offers manymodels of rubber in different sizes and radii. Each name in the assortment has high technological characteristics, which indicates the professionalism of the developers.

Summer rubber is presented in a widermodel number than the winter one. The most popular among car owners are such series as Pilot, Primacy and Latitude. Summer tires provide excellent traction with the road surface during the hot season, have a low noise level and increased wear resistance.

winter tires rumpled x ice

Most reviews about the winter tires "Michelin"positive. Both experts and drivers allege that such tires allow you to safely ride on winter roads in the coldest regions. They provide maximum grip with any type of surface. Excellent properties of aquaplaning will help with moving on wet snow and melted ice, not allowing the car to move from a straight course. The most popular winter tires from the French manufacturer include the following models:

  • X-Ice North.
  • X-Ice North 3.
  • X-Ice Xi3.
  • Latitude Alpin.
  • Latitude Alpin LA2.
  • X-Ice.
  • X-Ice Xi2.
  • Latitude X-Ice North 2+.

Michelin X-Ice: review of the model

Winter tires "Michelin" X-Ice refers toThe friction models, which received a high level of security from the developers. Premium tires have a reasonable cost. Due to the release in different sizes they are suitable for almost any model of the car. Quite often they are installed on minivans.

winter studded rubber

When manufacturing tire data manufacturerUsed advanced technology of adaptive progressive rigidity, which allows reducing the braking distance on the icy road by 7%. On a snow covered surface, this figure was better by 3%. Due to the composition of the rubber compound, when it comes into contact with the road surface, the tire becomes softer, which prolongs its service life. At the base of the same protector, a stiffer compound is used, which allows to maintain good controllability of the vehicle on any type of road surface.

Tread pattern

The tread block received a crosszigzag-shaped slats, due to which it is possible to "break" the water film and get maximum grip on the wet road. The combination of the sharp edges of the shoulder area and the lintels at the base of the longitudinal channels makes it possible to confidently hold the control and brake on the rolled snow.

winter tire Michelin x ice north

The technology of applying z-shaped slats allowedto obtain additional rigidity of the tread blocks in the transverse and longitudinal directions. This, in turn, gave a high accuracy of control and the driving stability of the car, even at high speeds.

Opinion of drivers and experts

Reviews of winter tires "Michelin" X-Ice, left by experts, say that this isone of the best tires in its class. The model is ideal for operation in regions with a changeable winter climate. The tires work well both on the rolled snow and on the ice-covered road. Confirm the high quality tires and most owners of "iron horses" who decided to purchase this model.

Some car owners diddissatisfied with this "Velcro". Winter tires Michelin in the X-Ice model showed itself well only on wet and dry cold asphalt. When driving to a snowy road, the tires "keep" the road only at low speeds (no more than 70 km / h).

The average cost of a set of tires in a popular size 185/75 R16 - 22000 rubles.

Michelin X-Ice North: reviews and description

Winter tires with spikes the best suitedfor operation in harsh winter conditions. One of the most successful models, equipped with "steel teeth", is the "Michelin" X-Ice North. Issue it started in 2005, but now it does not lose its popularity.

winter tires michelin x ice reviews

From the developers of the model of tires receivedseveral features of the design. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the spikes. Their height is 1.2 mm, which is 0.2 mm higher than that of other manufacturers of rubber. The outer layer fixing the spike is made of a compound, in which silicon is included. Due to this, it has increased strength and elasticity. The lower layer is more rigid, which allows to securely hold the "tooth" at the landing site.

"Shipovka" showed itself only from the best side inprocess of numerous tests and has overtaken on parameters of the nearest competitors. Reviews of the owners of this rubber say that it provides excellent course stability, maneuverability and controllability of the vehicle.

The second generation

In 2009, the French brand introduced to the publican updated version of winter tires - Michelin X-Ice North 2. The upgraded version is also designed for cars and crossovers. The wheels are available in various sizes (R13-R19). Unlike its predecessor, the model has improved parameters of patency along snow-covered roads, braking distances, traffic stability and controllability.

winter tires michelin x ice north reviews

In the development of tires, specialists took into accountRequirements for tires that are used in racing. This made it possible to significantly increase the wear resistance of rubber with a sports type of driving, increase the strength and stability to overload. The manufacturer assures that the driver can feel confident both when driving on freshly fallen snow, and on the frozen road surface at very low ambient temperatures.

Short review

Reviews of winter tires "Michelin" X-Ice Northsecond generation only positive. Many experts and motorists consider this model to be the most successful not only among the "spikes" from the French brand, but also among well-known competitors. Compared with its predecessor, this rubber has improved the traction properties by 10%, which is extremely important for drivers living in regions that are characterized by heavy snowfalls. "Shipovka" will leave any snowdrift.

The compound is also unique. The technology used to produce the rubber compound was called Flex-ICE. As part of the mixture, they began to use silicic acid in combination with graphite. Both components are "not afraid" of low temperatures and allow you to keep the elasticity of rubber even in severe frost.

The second generation of winter studded rubber"Michelin" received a greater number of lamellas, which also became three-dimensional. Better adhesion to snow is promoted by prongs on the blocks of the tread. In addition, the number of rows with spikes increased to 12.

According to the opinion of car owners, this modeltires do not fail on the snowy surface, easily "scraped" from the snowdrifts and allows you to safely ride on snow porridge and ice. The cost of the studded model starts from 3300 rubles per wheel.

Michelin X-Ice North 3

Winter rubbera third-generation X-Ice North from the FrenchThe leader in tire production provides the driver with the highest level of safety. When creating these tires, the developers first used the technology "smart spike". Implement such an innovation was due to changes in the legislation, according to which studded tires on the rolling element can now have no more than 50 "steel teeth". The essence of the technology lies in the fact that the inner layer of the wheels is made of a rubber thermoactive mixture, which becomes harder when the temperature of the external environment decreases.

winter tires mishlen x ice north 3

Changes have affected the shape of thorns. Now they have a conical shape and an enlarged diameter of 1 mm. This made it possible to increase the service life of "steel teeth". In addition, the number of sectors of the tread was increased, the shoulder zone received a crenellated structure and the direction of the channels was changed to more effectively drain the moisture.

Currently, reviews about the winter tires "Michelin"X-Ice North 3 can be heard very different. Some drivers complain about the too short "life" of the spikes, while others say that even after several seasons of operation they almost completely remain in the field.

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