Mitsubishi Lancer 11 - one of the most anticipated cars in 2016


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 11 (price is fullywill correspond to the technical equipment), according to the manufacturers, - the closing version of the line "Lancer", which in the future should be replaced by a new one, created on the platform of finished developments of Renault. Release version starts in 2016.

The new car belongs to the Rally family, soas it was created exclusively for fans of huge speeds and a sports way of life. Producers expect high demand mainly among young people.

mitsubishi lancer 11

Body and exterior design

The body of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 11 will undergostrong changes in the direction of the sporting style and the departure from the classic elements of the previous version, which are already pretty boring motorists. Modernization will undergo a hood (the terrain will change, an air intake of the turbocharger system of the engine will appear), a bumper, doors - in general, everything. It should be noted that all mechanically important body elements will be strictly maintained in accordance with the aerodynamic requirements of the vehicle class (special relief, sports tuning, spoilers, etc.).

Number of doors, as in all previous onesgenerations, will remain equal to 4. In the frontal part of the car and from the sides will be seen X-shaped features. But the design of the back of the Mitsubishi Lancer 11 is executed with strict exposure of rectangular figures, which are clearly distinguished by the luggage compartment cover.

mitsubishi lancer evolution 11


Headlights of head light will acquire a new, moreComplex shape and increase in size. Front fog optics will take place in the deeper cells of the tuned bumper. It will be located clearly under the main ones. This decision of designers will enhance the overall sense of elegance and consistency in the design of the body of the Mitsubishi Lancer 11. The windows of the entire periphery of the developers are going to be wrapped completely obscured from the outside by black tinting. However, in view of the limitations of window obscuration in a number of countries, it is possible that this parameter will be amenable to correction.

Technical equipment of the updated Lancer car

Over the past few years, Mitsubishi has been actively engaged in the development of hybrid cars. In this regard, a new concept will be unequivocally received by the upgraded power unit EVO 10.

At the international motor show in Tokyo in 2014the version of the final version of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 11 was equipped with a hybrid of 473 hp, engine capacity of 2000 cubic meters. cm and 300 Nm of torque. Most likely, this engine will remain in the assembly line of the car, as well as a 5-speed box with a mechanical principle of switching speeds. Automatic transmission is questionable, as it will somewhat reduce the speed parameters. Power elements of the engine will not be amenable to special changes. Exceptions will be exhaust valves with sodium filling, replacement of the suspension and braking system. These innovations will add maneuverability and stability, as well as increase the car's performance.

mitsubishi lancer 11 price


Inside the car, the Mitsubishi Lancer 11 will beinstalled sports seats Recaro, made of black leather with a special red sewing. Multifunctional professional steering wheel, control panel with sports scales, a full set of climate control and an updated on-board computer with a powerful multimedia system - all this is just a small part of the interior components. Car enthusiasts with the release of a new car will receive the most advanced equipment and will be able to fully enjoy its multifunctionality after the launch of the series.

Also worth noting that the new model of the Japaneseplan to produce exclusively for right-handed adaptation. However, negotiations are continuing between the representatives of the concern and a number of organizations on the creation of a car designed also for the European consumer.

mitsubishi lancer evolution 11 price

New Mitsubishi Lancer 11: price

Estimated cost price rangecar in Japan is estimated at about 36000-50000 dollars. However, it is impossible to tell more about the equipment, as, unfortunately, many parameters of the car are still classified.

The information that is known todayday, collected due to periodic leakage from closed automobile exhibitions or from representatives of Mitsubishi. It is not clear specifically whether there will be models working on an electric drive, nothing is known about the car's wheels, innovations in the package. One thing is clear: the new Mitsubishi Lancer 11 will become one of the most anticipated cars of 2016.

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