Tuning Niva by yourself - create your SUV


When buying a car Niva, few people thinkthe use of it solely as a vehicle for off-road use. Basically, everyone plans to use this four-wheeled friend in urban conditions and periodically travel to rural roads. However, sitting behind the wheel, almost every driver has an irresistible desire to experience this car. But you do not need to hurry with this! First of all, you need to think how you can improve and protect your car for this. How to make the tuning of the Niva for off-roads cost a minimum amount, but at the same time was the highest quality? If the mind to approach this matter, in the end it will turn out a good all-terrain vehicle for any terrain and any roads.

tuning of the field by one's own hands

It is quite feasible to perform tuning of the Nivahands. First of all, you should pay attention to the winch. With it, you can solve the problem, if suddenly the car gets stuck in the mud or sits on the "belly". Particular attention should be paid to the power of this device. It is better not to buy a winch, if its pull is less than two and a half tons - this option is very weak for this car.

The main problem everyone will face,who began tuning the Niva with his own hands, trying to install a winch, is the difficulty of fastening. After all, there is no possibility of installing this mechanism on the base version, so several options should be considered. You can purchase a special pad, but here you will need an additional fixation, as in the standard version it is designed to be fastened to the edges of the side members by three bolts, and the thickness of the metal in these places is not enough. It is also possible to install kanguring, but with additional gain. In addition, you can install on it individual lights, but there is a risk of breaking them on potholes.

tuning of the field for off-road

The next stage for those who do tuning Nivawith their own hands, there will be a choice of "soles" for the car. In this case, it is better to trust the experience of tuners and to establish the most optimal option - tires with a dimension of 235/75/15. But it should be borne in mind that with a maximum of turned-out wheels, a slight twitch is possible, although this problem is insignificant.

In the future, carrying out the tuning of the Nivahands, it is necessary to increase the clearance. It is best, of course, to do it in a car repair shop, but it is possible to perform this procedure at home. Consultation may be required! At home, the front wing is not a problem, but on the back arch you will need welding at a professional level, because there are vent pipes and a fuel tank. To do this, it is better to use the services of a master. When choosing shock absorbers, the front base can be left, but the rear ones need to be strengthened. Especially in the details do not need to, the main thing is that the rigidity was greater than the base version.

The last point of the technical part of the tuning will beprevention of the possibility of water entering through the breathers in the gearboxes. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to raise the vent pipe to the desired height, for example, under the hood. After tuning the technical part, you can go to design elements.

tuning salon niva
Tuning salon Niva can be performed in a hugenumber of options. The main thing in this - the interior, as, indeed, the exterior, select according to the individual requirements of the owner of the car, as the tastes of all are different.

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